Should we fight Climate Change?


1)Global warming set to cost the world economy £1.5 trillion by 2030 as it becomes too hot to work.


3)    What the Earth will look like.


4)   Energy Prices and Bills Report 2017.


Pros Examples

1)     If we don’t act now, the Earth will continue to get hotter and hotter. This means that workers will find it difficult for workers, as they will slow down. This will damage many trades, such as the Cocoa Trade. The people that plant Cocoa trees, pick the cocoa beans and get them ready to be shipped off to other countries, of which turn the cocoa beans into the chocolate that we all know and love to eat. What I’m saying is that, technically speaking, climate change could cause the workers working on cocoa beans to slow down. Which means less beans, and less trees to be planted. And due to the rising sea level, these trees might become submerged under water. So this all adds up to something that people have probably never thought of before: THE EXTINCTION OF THE COCOA BEAN/CHOCOLATE!!!!

2)   Now, you might be wondering about this one. I came up with it myself whilst typing up my post. And you don’t need to check it out to see if it’s real or not! Because what do rockets run on? Rocket Fuel, which is technically Fossil Fuels. So with the extinction of fossil fuels, comes the end of trips to the international space station. And with no one left to work it, as it requires people, the international space station will just become some floating, practically useless Space Station that sends subtle transitions, and nothing else. It’ll literally become the worst satellite orbiting the Earth. And will just become a simple historical object, marking the day when it became useless; the day that fossil fuels becomes extinct. And will just become some valuable, yet useless, artefact to be bargained with. As until we invent some new, renewable rocket fuel – or invent some means of controlling the station from Earth – there will be no more trips to the station. And I’m definitely not going to vote for nuclear reactors to be used to power rockets!

3)    If Climate Change doesn’t stop, then what the Earth will look like in the future is something to consider. The Earth will look roughly the same, the continents will have moved around quite a bit, but they will mainly be underwater. This can all be proved in the following video: WHAT THE EARTH WILL LOOK LIKE IN THE FUTURE?!

4) If Climate Change continues to make the Earth Hotter and Hotter with each and every single day, then workers will work slower and slower, until it’s eventually far too hot to work, which leads back to my chocolate example.

I found it a bit difficult to choose cons for this post, if you know anything that I haven’t included in this post, please leave a comment on what it is, and give your reasons as to why it would be either a PRO or a CON.

Remember to BE SCEPTICAL whilst doing the comments! I’d also like it if you comment on what you think of this post of mine as well!


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  1. Newington Community Primary School Newington Community Primary School

    If we fight climate change now we can deal with all the animals that live in cold places around the world and stop them from extincin but if we deal with climate cha