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CN: Hello and welcome to Channel 4 news. Today we are joined by A who will tell us about social housing. So what is social housing and what is the current situation regarding social housing ?

A: Social housing is when you can’t afford to pay for a normal house or flat so you can buy it cheaper but you need to prove that you need it. At the moment, there is a crisis in social housing because there isn’t enough housing for everyone. In the early 1980s about 1/3 of homes in the country were social housing, today the level is about half that. People are not getting the rights they should have like having a shelter. There are a staggering 1 million people on the waiting list for a house and there shouldn’t be that much.

CN: Wow! I’m very surprised. Anyway, moving on. What are the possible solutions to this?

A: Well, there are three solutions. One of them is to move people out of crowded areas. Since london is very busy and there isn’t a lot of space, you could move people to places where there is more space for them to live in.

Another possible solution is to build more houses. By doing this, more people can have a place to call home and they can stay connected to their communities.

The third solution is to reclaim empty houses. Houses that are not used can be taken by the government and fixed up so they are suitable.

CN: Very interesting, so what do you think is the best solution?

A: I think the best solution is to reclaim empty houses because, if we don’t, it’s just a waste of houses which we could be using. It would also cost less to fix a house than making whole new ones. However,  there might not be enough worn out houses or the houses might not be suitable for some families.

CN: So why do you disagree with the other solutions?

A: I think building more houses is a bad idea because if we were to  build lots of houses we would have to use a lot of money. If we simply built houses or flats, everywhere you turn  it would just be flats and flats and flats and everything would be very boring. There wouldn’t be any green space or lesiure centers.I also think moving people to less crowded areas is a bad idea because people might want to be with their family and friends and if they get relocated away from them they wouldn’t be able to see each other anymore. For example, your job might be far away from where they have moved you and you would have to spend a lot of money on transport.

CN: Well then, that will be all for today. Thank you for coming and see you next time on Channel 4 news.



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  1. Hi Redfox,

    We like how engaged the interviewer is here.

    Who do you think might not be so happy about reclaiming houses? What would their reasons be?

    -Tiff at the Foundation