Final Piece

Why do we class dresses as girl’s clothes and football boots as boy’s shoes? We can wear what we want! At a school in Dover, boys have protested against the school uniform code by wearing skirts. At a school in London, boys can wear skirts and dresses. Girls aren’t seen as unusual if they walk down the road wearing trousers or shorts so why should boys be seen as unusual when wearing skirts or dresses?


  1. Expert from The Economist Expert from The Economist

    This is provocative and will make people think in a short, simple message. Elly at the Economist

  2. Expert from The Economist Expert from The Economist

    Good research about protests in Dover. Why do you think trousers are not seen as gendered but skirts are? Tiffany at the Economist

  3. Boutcher Primary School Boutcher Primary School

    I agree my dad often wears a kilt to parties it is a tartan skirt with a pocket in the middle I don’t feel embarrassed at all if he wears it.
    Also David Walliams wrote a book called The Boy In The Dress.

    Madame Ming