Final Piece

Here are some of Colegrave’s speeches, ready to deliver to the citizens of Burnetopia!

Hello fellow citizens of Burnetopia, First of all, I would like to say thank you for inviting me here, I am from earth and I want to tell you why you should split up. Here are some reasons why. The Topians have trouble speaking the Burrs language and they think that the Burrs do not understand their problems. My second reason is that the Burrs are relying on the Topians too much, for trading they use the Topians even for battle they use the Topians and finally my third reason is that if you split up Topians would have others to speak to in Topian and people could in whatever you call the land could understand others problems also if you split up, everyone wouldn’t be left out. You’ve been a wonderful audience and I hope you take my reasons under consideration. Thank you for listening. Good Night.



Good afternoon/morning,citizens of Burnetopia.Thank you for inviting me to talk about your current issue that I have heard.We’re here to to advise you about the Topes and Burrs. It is my belief that you should be in it together.Here are my reasons why:

1.One reason is,if you were in it together then the world will be a happier place,a place full of peace and tranquility.Other countries will obviously agree with me because how are they going to trade fairly.Aren’t you a fair-trading company?

2.Also if you don’t then that means then the government will have less power and then everyone will start complaining that the government is getting useless.

By RainbowUnicorn246


Hello citizens of Burnetopia! We are here to advise you about working in a team. It is my belief that you should merge. One reason is if another planet attacks you, you could work together and fight them. A great example to prove this from Earth is World War Two where thew. My second reason is that the government could make more decisions in a team than alone.My final reason is that working in a group could help make a better environment because if you decide things by yourself, you won’t have anyone to agree or disagree with it but if you are in a group, you can have people to agree with what you think.




Hello burnetopia,


First i would like to say thank you for inviting me to  burnetopia to talk to you about  splitting you up. All you burrs  feel the same about money by industrious topains.


I am not so sure if you are guys are enemies but if you are going to bump into each other you are going to hate each other more. If you are separated you don’t have to see each other’s face ever again and they will not steal your toothpaste. In my planet, earth  you can go to jail.     

Your language your speaking is unfair so if you split up you can speak your home earth, there are rights and one of them is a child has the right to speak their language.

Thank you for listening.



Good morning citizens and today i will talk about if you should be in it together or split into two nations. I think you should stick together because people work better as a team and if something happened you would be able to help each other. Here are some of the reasons why I think you should stick together:


For example:

A man named Martin Luther king helped unite the blacks and the whites. He stopped racism by creating a speech that helped everyone to work together. He wanted to stop racism because he wanted his children to have a better future rather than being treated as a slave.

That is why you should be in it together.


Cuteforlife & Owl123

One Comment

  1. Hi Colegrave students!

    Great to hear your thoughts. I especially like how there are differing opinions in your group.

    For example Marroon 12 says it’s better to separate people who do not get one with each other to prevent disagreement and crime. Cuteforlife & Owl123 disagree. They give the example of the black civil rights movement as an example of why it’s important to bring people together.

    Why do you think there are different viewpoints of this?

    -Tiff at the Foundation