FINAL PIECE – All the Same

All the Same

I think that the awareness of gender equality is much better than it has been before. Women are now being treated more fairly but society still is not treating women the same as men. Some men still get paid more than women even though they have the same exact job! I think this issue needs to immediately change; something needs to happen as soon as women deserve to be paid exactly the same for the same jobs.

My art work, entitled ‘All the Same,’ shows equality by having an equal sign between the word ‘women’ and ‘men’ to show they are the same.

I have used the colours pink and blue but instead of having ‘women’ in pink and ‘men’ in blue, I have changed the colours around. I did this because everyone thinks that girls like pink and boys like blue but you can like whatever colour you want.

During this issue, I learnt that after some women have a baby, sometimes they were not allowed to return to work or they were treated less-favourably upon their return. I think this is totally unfair because without women, there wouldn’t be men; it’s mothers who bring babies into this world.

By magicalbunny 3816


  1. Arnhem Wharf Primary School Arnhem Wharf Primary School

    This really shows that boys could like any colour and girls can to boys can like pink and girls can like blue. We all should be equal to one and other.


  2. Arnhem Wharf Primary School Arnhem Wharf Primary School

    In my opinion, and I think allot of other people would agree, we are all the same! Men / Women Boys/ Girls could like any colour they want, for example i am a girl and my favourite colour is blue and my friends favourite colour is black.