Hello Citizens of Burnetopia! My name is Beauty and I am here to talk to you about the disagreement between you. It is my belief that you should work together so that you can be more powerful. Here are some examples why.

One reason is, if you are in it together then are you more powerful? A great example from earth is. If Kashmir were to be independent, then it would become harder to travel. If you did not have a passport then you would not be able to visit the rest of India.

My second Reason is, if you are independent then what do you gain? Britan have now had a vote to leave the E U. Having done this, they spread out their workers so that they can still earn money. They never got more power and did not gain anything.

My final reason is, is it better to be more or powerful? If any nations were to threaten Slovakia, then NATO would always be there to help them. If they were independent then NATO would not be there to help them. Slovakia and NATO are very powerful because they work together.

Thank you for having me and I hope that I have helped you decide what to do and that you make the right decision.


One Comment

  1. Hi Beauty,

    Thanks for your final piece. It’s really clear when you are making a new point and you’ve used a range of examples from Earth which makes your arguments stronger.

    Thinking about the other side of the argument, can you take one of your points and explore how they could keep independence AND address the problem.

    For example: Being independent makes travel harder.

    What could nations do to make travel easier but also remain independent?

    -Tiff at the Foundation.