FINAL PIECE – Beef Chicken 7

Hello, Citizens of Burnetopia ! I’m Beef Chicken 7 and I am here to advise you on whether you should be in it together or independent. I think the Burrs and Topes should be in it together. I have some great reasons and examples which might persuade you.

If you choose to be independent, it would be lots of hard work because your slaves could turn against you and they wouldn’t like you. An example from Earth would be in Greece: A tyrant would try to make their slave work but the slave will decide to quit. The master would have to do all the work or he’ll persuade them to come back.

Another example: the UK had a referendum because they wanted to leave the EU.  Many people in the UK feel that we pay too much into the EU so they have decided it is better to be separate from the EU to get more money back.  (It doesn’t seem to have happened that way yet, so now some people have changed their minds and want to get back together again.)

If you are in it together, you’ll be able to withstand an attack with a lot more power.  For example: a man called Cleisthenes let demokratia (democracy) be born in Ancient Greece – Athens – so that the people had power for themselves.  Zimbabwe was controlled by Britain and had no choice but to be ruled by them.  If there was a war, Britain would be able to help them and there wouldn’t be any trouble.

If you decide to be in it together, you’d be a unified country.  The USA is unified because all the states are within it. The impact of this is that the states can rely on each other and in whatever situation they are in, they can always work as a team.

You have had your ups and downs, Burrs and Topes, but I sincerely believe that you would be better off in it together.  I hope you have heard my reasons and that I have persuaded you on the decision you have to make.

Beef Chicken 7

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