FINAL PIECE – bolt of stars 7

Greetings Burnetopia!

I am a country – problem  adviser, I have come to help you decide whether you should be in it together or not. You should listen  to me, as I have helped many countries in this type of situation. I come from Earth , in peace , unarmed. You must stay . DO NOT be  independent.

You should be in it together, because if you become  independent , who will you trade with? Being independent is a bad look for Burnetopia, this means it will be less attractive and other aliens would not like it. Also you will get less respect, and get treated like rubbish, so no other countries will lend you money , or help you out if you are in need.

A great example to prove tjis from Earth is when the UK left Europe. This was a bad idea , because when we were in it together, Russia gave us our oil. Since we are now independent we have to pay for our own oil.

My second reason is you should leave, as the THEIR language, not your own, Also they are constantly stealing your toothpaste , don’t you want this to stop ?

An example from earth is  when Catalonia and Spain wanted to leave .My opinion is they should have stayed together as Catalonia  just wanted to be able  to  speak their own language . They do not NEED to leave.

My final reason is that you must stay together, because if other planets were to invade , you could help eachother. If you were independent, you would be alone; no one could help you , and Burnetopia would be invaded  just because of your wrong choice.

A final reason to prove this from Earth is when Germany and Switzerland worked together. Now they are a very attractive, famous and successful  country , with a lot of money.

Thankyou  for listening , I hope  my advice has given you correct inspiration.

Bolt of stars 7

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