FINAL PIECE – candycookiexxx

Hello! Thank you for inviting me to Burnetopia. I am here to advise you about your plans to separate as a nation. My name is candycookiexxx and I’m here to help you put your best foot forward.

My first reason is that you shouldn’t have the Topes adjust to the Burrs way of life , the Burrs should put some effort into experiencing  the Topes way of life too. It is my belief that you shouldn’t have to work harder than the other. A great example to prove this from Earth is a country called Zimbabwe. When they were being ruled by Britain they weren’t allowed to practice their own religions and were introduced to Christianity .

My second reason is that you need to stop stealing each other’s Toothpaste , maybe you’ll get along.

Another great example to prove this from Earth is Catalonia, a city in Spain. They want to leave Spain because the rest of Spain want money and they take it from Catalonia. They also make decisions about without them. Do you want that to happen to you and your country?

My final reason is that you need to work together. If you use teamwork you will have a much more powerful nation. Unite, right?

A great example to prove this from Earth is Slovakia . Slovakia is a party of NATO a group of countries you can rely on. Even though its not a full country the work together. Others may tell you that you are better off independent but they are wrong, if you have a war you can’t rely on anyone.

I hope you use this advice to make your nation better. I think you are best off in it together but that’s your choice , remember do what’s best for your country.


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