FINAL PIECE – catcircle 787

Hello, Citizens of Burnetopia. Thank you for inviting me here to give you advice for you to be in it together or independent. We’re here to advise you about the best decision you can make in your life. It is my belief that you should stay together so your planet can become a better place.

One reason is if you are in it together you can call for help from the other tribe. A great example to prove this from earth is that a country called Slovakia is part of NATO so if anyone tries to threaten them then NATO can stand up for them and fight.

My second reason is you have more power in a group because people agree with one another and you can live longer. Another great example to prove this from earth is if you are heading to war then you will need a bigger group to defeat the other tribe.

My final reason is that you can trade more in a group with other countries. My final example from earth is USA is trading more because it is in a group and has more money so it can have food and keep healthy.

I, Catcircle787, hope you follow this advice and have a better future. Thank you!

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