FINAL PIECE – Chicken_123

Hello, citizens of Burnetopia. The country of the two people-the Burrs and the Topes. Surprisingly, these two races have never really got on. After 40,000 light years, they have finally decided to do something about it. Let’s hope that this referendum does something; and so these two races can live in perfect peace and perfect harmony.

I, Chicken_123 personally believe that being in it together will be the best possible solution. In it together it is much easier to travel.  Then, the beloved people of the country will only need one passport, and it will be much easier to go and travel the furtive places hidden within the deep, dark depths of Burnetopia and generally, have more fun. The citizens will save money and a smile will appear on their faces.

As I look deeper into this, it reminds me of when the people of Kashmir wanted to be independent and leave India. That meant that the people of Kashmir would need a new passport, and possibly a few people from India.

What this issue makes me see is that the Burrs are all relaxed and the Topes are working their socks off. Though, that is not all that is frustrating me. The only bit of thanks the Burrs give the Topes is taking the money they own. Also, the Burrs are giving them orders that might not appeal to the Topes.

This reminds me of the situation currently occurring on Earth. The Catalans are being treated in a manner that I am not agreeing with. It is almost as if the Catalans are being treated like helpless little children and the Spanish Government are the older children-the bullies-picking on the and calling them names. To me, everyone is equal.

If you are a team, there is much more that you can do. Firstly, if there was a war, you would have someone to rely on. If I was being picked on, I wouldn`t panic, because I know my friends would be there to help. Also, your country would be more fortified. It would be easier to trade and more could be done for you country.

A great example to base this ion from Earth is when England decided to be independent and leave the EU (European Union) so now some companies have decided tom leave England and put their Headquarters elsewhere in the EU

Thank you for listening. I hope this vote makes a change.


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