FINAL PIECE – Cotton Candyxxx

Hello, citizens of Burnetopia, thank you for inviting us here, we are here to advise you about this vote. It is my belief that I would vote independence because I don’t think that it is good to steal other people’s toothpaste when you can have your own if you’re independent; you don’t have to learn other people’s language, and you can do what you think is good for your country.

One reason why you should be independent is because Kashmir is a part of India but they don’t want to be a part of India if they don’t want to be a part of India they you don’t need to be in Burnetopia. A reason why Catalonia wants to be independent is because they want want to make their own decisions and they should; so should you.

A great example to prove this from Earth is…

In 1912 the leader of Spain told Catalonia to learn Spain’s language and he stopped them from almost getting their own independent country which is wrong –  if they were that close you could get closer to finally getting your own country. You should have a right to stand up and learn your own language.

My second reason is about Zimbabwe, for a long time Zimbabwe was controlled by Britain[an African country]. Zimbabwe didn’t want to be controlled. They started practising their religion and Britain didn’t like them practising their own religion and language.

An example is that the Zimbabwean people is now independent and later on the government realised that Christianity was Britain’s religion before Britain ruled. This proves that nothing is stopping you and you can be independent and it also proves that it is a good thing to be independent.

My final reason is that the Catalans want to have their own decisions rather than Madrid making it for them, so if you want to make you own decisions, than I’ll advise you to be independent.

For instance, the Catalans know more about the nation than Spain, they have everything to be independent because they have great ideas and so do you.

Thank you for listening – good luck!

Cotton Candyxxx

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