Hello, fellow Citizens of Burnetopia! I’m dododj from Planet Earth and I’ve come to persuade and advise you two countries to stay together as you can accomplish many things together.

One very good reason you should stay together is because, if you are together, you are way more powerful. As you both think that the Burrs are more powerful than the Topes, I think together you are much more powerful together. A great example from Earth to prove this is how England were not as powerful as they were before they joined Great Britain.

My second reason is that you will have less on your own and more together. As a nation or a community on Earth, you will have more things combined, like people and money.

My last and final reason is, when you are together, you will have more ideas and you will grow. When you are together, you will have much more ideas than if you were by yourself and all alone. You will also grow as people might think, “If they have those ideas, why don’t we join them?”

I hope you enjoyed and you made the right decision!


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