Final PIECE- Frankly Football

politicals vs sport

politics are very different things, some people  think that they are too different and they should not mix as politics is more of a adult Audience and sports is more of a mixed audience and per say kids ages 5 and 8 might not know about what’s going on and is rushing their parents to tell them.

Most times when football and politics mix it’s very bad for the person who said it or does the action, gets a fine as when pep guardiola wore a yellow badge at the champion’s league and he got fined 35,00 by FIFA. The F.A said he could were them but fifa still fined them.

Here at football frankly  and politics have a place to mix and that is on sky sports news or any other news website.

fifa says, “In this instance, saying that the two shouldn’t mix would be a bit like saying the same thing about weapons and violence.”




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