Final Piece: Gender Equality by Riverlightsparkle

Gender equality is the belief that people should be treated the same regardless of their gender. My picture shows two apples which are very similar in size and have almost identical features. I compare the two apples to sexism in the workplace. I hoped it would make the audience think that the quotes involving the apples sounded absurd because the taste of two apples will not be affected by a small distinguishing feature. This should also apply when comparing everyday scenarios and sayings in the workplace, where a person should be judged on their ability to do a job rather than their gender.




  1. Expert from The Economist Expert from The Economist

    Hi Graveney School,

    I’m Tristan and I’m a Digital Product Development Manager at The Economist Group.

    What I like here is the technique you’ve used to get your message across – you’ve used the comparison with the apples to draw out the absurdity of many of the ways in which we approach gender. Well chosen comparisons of this sort can be a powerful way to get across your message.

    It would be interesting to think about other comparisons that could represent other issues and scenarios relating to gender equality.

    Well done.

  2. Expert from The Economist Expert from The Economist

    Really cool idea!! Do you think the words we assign to gender might also be meaningless? Eirini at the Economist