FINAL PIECE – The Girl and the Lion

The Girl and the Lion

It is true that in this day and age, people are becoming more aware of gender inequality and recognise the problem. However, the government and our society seem like they are not going to act on it as they are not even saying anything about the appalling differences in pay between the genders when the figures came out earlier this year.

Stereotypes are making a distinct image of a woman and a man; what they should be interested in and how they should live their lives. This should not be the case! Woman should not be seen as the obedient wives that stay at home and look after the children; nor should men be seen as the strong, money-earner who like blue.

My artwork – The Girl and the Lion – shows this by the fact that we can get our equality despite the odds and shouldn’t give up. The woman is wearing a cape (sort of like a superhero) and this shows that women can be strong and heroes too. On her top, there is a large ‘F’ for feminism and she is standing on top of a lion; this shows that we can stand on top of inequality too.

I have used a lion, which symbolises the things said by men to tell us that we are not good enough, and the inequality that we are not good enough, and the inequality that we are trying to overcome. The lion is meant to be dead or possibly sleeping – a sign that we can defeat it for good.

I have used bold colours like reds, yellows, and black and white. I didn’t want to put too many colours into it as I thought that the audience might just look at the drawing and not think crucially about the actual message.

During this topic, I have learnt that when women go on maternity leave, they may get fired from their jobs or get paid less on their return as they may have missed out of promotions. It is not their fault that they have taken time off – they have to look after a baby and themselves!

When an audience looks at my art, I want people to feel hopeful that this will happen and we will overcome inequality.

By witch’s cat 17


  1. Expert from The Economist Expert from The Economist

    Hi witch’s cat 17,

    I’m Tristan and I’m a Digital Product Development Manager at The Economist Group.

    I like this drawing a lot – it’s skilfully done and it’s great that you have a really distinct style.

    I also like that you thought about the colours you used and the impact they would have on your message.

    The use of symbolism also worked well.

    Well done.

  2. Expert from The Economist Expert from The Economist

    YES gal!! Love your super hero(ine?). Do you think more female superheroes would help woman and if so, where do you think they are? Eirini at the Economist

  3. Expert from The Economist Expert from The Economist

    I agree! people should enjoy living their lives instead of dictating norms for others. Economist Expert #6

  4. Expert from The Economist Expert from The Economist

    I like the use of animals to represent your thinking. The text is clear, well structured and descriptive. Economist Expert #8