FINAL PIECE Housing Action!


The situation of Social Housing is that there are lots of people on the waiting lists and the number in London may have been increased by the issue in Grenfell Tower. This situation should have been solved  but unfortunately it is continuing and the Government’s money is running low . It is known that in the early 1980s there was  1/3 of all Housing as Social Housing but now it is half of that (which is 1/6.)


I spoke to 3 people who have different opinions. The local MP said, “ To fix this problem we should move people out of crowded places. Therefore, we should give them a place with space”. The Government had the suggestion to allow more houses to be built. The Housing charity Official’s opinion felt we should reclaim empty houses so they don’t just sit there empty and  we could rent it to someone on the waiting list or homeless.


Listening to everyone’s opinions, I think we should reclaim empty houses that are empty because  if they just sit there they will take up space so we should give them to homeless  people or those  on the waiting list. If we move people out of crowded places, we will gain space but you don’t you don’t have control of where you are going to live. If we allow more houses to be built, we lose green spaces and nature is threatened.


Also if we move people out of crowded places it would not be their decision  where to go, it would be the council’s decision .

Once again we should reclaim empty houses for the house to have a purpose. You could be the one to get it. What do you think we should do?



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