FINAL PIECE Nobody Should Be Without A Home


Social Housing is a problem in the UK. Since the Grenfell Tower Fire, many more people have been talking about it and what we should do about it.

The current issue in social housing is that there is not enough in different parts of the UK and there are more people on the waiting list than social housing available.

In the 1980s, a third of housing was social housing but now there’s half of that, which is a sixth.

There are different possible solutions to this problem: moving people out of crowded areas and giving them housing in a less crowded area would be one way. Another could be to build more housing or reclaim empty homes.

In my opinion, the best solution would be to build more houses because there are people in need of housing and, if homes were being built, they would not be worrying about not having a place to live in. Wouldn’t that be fairer for them? Then, people wouldn’t be living in an uncomfortable place anymore and there is less chance of anybody not having anywhere to live!

The challenge of this solution would be how to fund it. Costs would be high and this might mean that people have to go with other choices.

Some challenges we might face are how long it should take to build houses, the amount of houses to be built home or the type. We shall overcome them by renting empty homes to provide housing for those in need while we find the money to build new housing.  We need more than one solution to help solve this crisis.  Nobody should be without a home.

By Beef Chicken 7

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