FINAL PIECE – Onicyclops

Greetings, inhabitants of Burnetopia!

I am here to advise you about your historic referendum.  I believe that you must have a peaceful future, on your own or with others.  Listen well to my advice.

My first reason to show that there must be independence is that the Topes are putting all they have into this deal, yet they gain nothing from it.  It is almost parallel to a situation on Earth.  Two countries called Catalonia and Spain are currently united.  Spain is taking Catalonia’s money, so Catalonia wants to leave.

Another reason is that Burrian is more widely spoken than Topian, so the Topes must learn a foreign language.  A similar problem on Earth is that in a country named Russia, there is no freedom of speech, so you can only say certain things.

My final reason could well be the most important.  The Burrs are becoming richer from this but it is the complete opposite of the situation that the Topes are in.  If this financial crisis continues, war could be declared.  With the weapons owned by the two tribes, the planet could be torn in half.  I don’t think that any of you want that.

Many others may tell you that this crisis doesn’t exist but spend a day in the shoes of a Tope and you’ll find out that it’s true.

Thank you all for listening to my speech.  I hope that you have been helped if you were unsure.  Goodbye.  Vote well.


One Comment

  1. Hi Onicyclops.

    I enjoyed reading your final piece. You use some great vocabulary which helps you make your points clear and concise. I also like that you encourage empathy when you say “spend a day in the shoes of a Tope”.

    Make sure your facts are correct. You say “Two countries called Catalonia and Spain are currently united.” Actually Catalonia is an area in Spain so they are one country.

    -Tiff at the Foundation.