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Over the past few years, sportsmen within FIFA have started taking fame as an advantage to get important issues into people’s heads which is against the rules of the company.

Certain footballers and commentators, such as when Pep Guadiola wore a yellow ribbon to represent Catalonian freedom, believe that sports on TV is a perfect opportunity to let people know that the political issues they strongly agree with they want to represent are VERY serious. The problem with that though, is FIFA disagrees with that and usually sues or fines members that break that rule.

Other players think that it’s a bad idea and that it’s a game to enjoy not have despising opinions about. FIFA thinks that if a team disagrees with another team a gate opens and before you know it football is a political war not a sport. Rashad Mendendall may not be a footballer but he shows us an example of why it shouldn’t mix, he wrote a tweet that said why were people celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden and that meant people started hating him or his opinion.

Here at Political speaking we think that sports and politics shouldn’t mix because of the same reasons FIFA does.

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