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Politics mixing with sport causes controversy

During the current World Cup, a controversial issue has stolen the headlines. Should politics get involved in sport?


For many years now, there has been a rule, issued by FIFA, that politics should not in any instances be involved in sport, but on some occasions, this rule has been infringed. Recently, people have been using the arena as the ideal place to make a statement, and have been fined for their transgression. Some teams have even been excluded from the arena because one person has made a political statement. This could affect the team and its reputation, and may even lead to online bullying. “It is about playing the game in the spirit in which it is intended and about creating friendships and having fun” – Jan Paterson, the British Olympic Association.

This is another thing to think about; sometimes, people just want to have a good time when they are playing the match. They may not want to think about political issues that could be worrying or angering to them-this could distract them (and the opposing team) from the game so that they do not play as well as they could for their team and consequently be the reason that they lose the match.

On the other hand, some people believe that politics and sports are two things made for each other, and share all of their views in the public eye. For example, Pep Guardiola thinks that Catalonian should become its own independent country rather than sticking to Spain. So, he wore a badge stating his views and was fined a large amount. After being continuously fined, he said that he didn’t care how many times FIFA fined him, he would still wear his badge.

Similarly, England was fined £35,000 for wearing poppies in a match against Scotland. But this was evidently an act of respect for those who lost their lives in the world wars, and didn’t intend to be hurtful.

Here at politically speaking, we believe that politics should not intersperse with sport – it is not necessary for the players to undergo extra pressure because of political issues that have wormed their way into the tournament. And though some statements may only be a sign of respect, there will always be other times for these. Nobody in the arena deserves to have worrying issues on their mind whilst they are meant to be having fun. We hope that through being fined and excluded from the games, people will realise how politics being involved in sport can put an end to their careers.








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  1. Hi witch’scat17,

    Well done to you and other BNC members at Crampton. WE can really see the journalistic techniques you have used in writing your articles.

    In your article you write, “Nobody in the arena deserves to have worrying issues on their mind whilst they are meant to be having fun.”

    My question is, does not talking about an issue always stop people worrying about it?

    -Tiff at the Foundation

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