I think that gender equality shouldn’t exist as men and women are different genders but we all have our individual strengths and just because we are different it shouldn’t mean that one is better than the other.

I have called my artwork ‘Power!’ because men and women do not have the same equal amount of power. My artwork ‘Power’ shows this by having a see-saw, and by putting the woman at the lower end and the man at the higher end, it demonstrates the over-exaggeration of the pay gap that exists today.

I used the see-saw to show an unequal measurement of pay between men and women and that gender equality has still a long way to go as there are still so many prejudices and stereotypes out there.

I have used the colour pink and blue as it seems that there is still a misconception that boys like blue and girls like pink.

During this issue, I have learnt that men are secretly getting paid more than women who are doing exactly or similar types of jobs.

I want my audience to feel aware that this is happening in the world and this is a serious topic that needs to be addressed immediately.

By chocoliolic123

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  1. Expert from The Economist Expert from The Economist

    You’ve thought this through fabulously! Loved all the details!! Which way do you think the seesaw is going next? Eirini at the Economist