FINAL PIECE – .Prodino.

Thank you for coming Topes and Burrs, I come from somewhere else, Earth. I have been informed about your indecision by BNC. My name is .Prodino. and I have made my decision: In It Together.  This is why, Burnetopians.

Your economies steal from each other  but if you are united, it is given back. On Earth, we use other countries’ oil but we give them oil money in return. Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland have killed all dominance for civilisation. Kill the dominance, allow their rights, be united, for what will war give you?

You can argue that you want to make your own decisions but no two brains are the same, so why not have more options?  Your independence will not get you anywhere; your leader will. Germany caused destruction (almost) all over the world, for one man, Hitler, who tried total dominance and extinction. Mankind solved and resolved something when they had to stand up and fight him.

For 40 light years, peace and harmony and civil life; does that not mean anything?  Catalonia have been with Spain since 1516, the current era is 2018. With budget cuts (which could happen to Burnetopia) Catalonia could be helping Spain instead of taking away. You will be able to have civilisation and no war, together.

Do what is best for you.

Thank you for listening, stay in peace and research.

Now vote.


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