FINAL PIECE – PurpleDolphin2020

Hello, my hub handle is PurpleDolphin2020 and I am here to advise you. I am honoured that you have invited me to share my opinion to all you fine citizens. Personally, I think you should stay together, as long as the Burrs let the Topes have equal power.

On one side of the argument the Topes are saying that the Burrs are being the leading group. This is true, but on the other side of the argument the Burrs say that it would be better Burnetopia if they were together and if war breaks out and the Topes and Burrs are together they will be stronger.

What do you think will happen if they`re not together?

In my opinion being together may be a struggle but if the Burrs change some of their rules and give back some power to the Topes then it would be more fair and everyone(well, almost everyone ) would be happy.

That is my opinion given to you to think about.But, don`t take my word for it, have a think and take your word for it.  Hope you make the right decision. Good bye and good night!

Bye, PurpleDolphin2020 out!

One Comment

  1. Thanks for your final piece, PurpleDolphin2020! I’m really impressed that you’ve used open-mindedness to think up a solution to suit both sides. You’ve negotiated to let the Burrs and Topes stay together but suggested changes to make the situation fairer. Well done.

    How would you persuade the Burrs to treat the Topes more fairly?