FINAL PIECE What side are you on?


Hello everyone I am the BNC social housing advisory board and I`m here to give facts and opinions of social housing.

First of all, the current situation regarding social housing is house blocks are not being built properly causing problems such as Grenfell Tower. Social housing is being provided by government on a small scale but they are not putting enough money into social housing.

Lots of solutions are being suggested.  Examples include: to reclaim empty houses, to move people out of the area and to allow more houses to be built.

I think that the best solution is to reduce the price of privately rented homes. I think this because if you lower the price then people will privately rent their homes so they won`t get kicked out.

Ideas that won`t work are building more houses. It’s a bad idea that, isn’t it? The area can get overcrowded and that might get people angry. If you think about you might want to live in area that’s not crowded then building houses won`t work.

We may find some challenges such as getting the government to agree with us. What a challenge that is! How greedy they are! Also, getting the public to agree with our preferred solution.

We can achieve this if we can persuade the government and the public also if we can gather a big group and protest to the government.

In conclusion, I think we should reduce the cost of privately rented homes and make space for other people to live in. So, what do you think?  Are you like the person who wants to reclaim empty houses? Or should we build more?  Or move people out? What side are you on?


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