FINAL PIECE – skull crusher

Hello, Citizens of Burnetopia,

I am skull crusher, from planet Earth and I hear you are about to have an important vote.

I will show you how you can be kind to each other, how to get along and how to work together to be friends.  Surely it’s bad to steal toothpaste?  We want to make sure no one is more powerful than the other and that you agree with each other as much as possible.

Some of you feel it would be good to be independent but when you’re independent, you can’t do as much as a unified planet can.

If you’re in it together then you can do way more stuff, like if you need to get something but it is on the top shelf and you can’t reach it,  then someone comes over and helps you, that is working as a team.  If you are independent, you would still be struggling to reach it.

I believe you would be better together – in situations of danger you have others to advise you and to back you up, as with Sweden (a small country here on Earth and part of NATO) which is protected by its membership of NATO.  Also, trade is easier with free movement between countries.  On Earth, Kashmir is worried about becoming independent from India as it would mean you would have to have a passport every time you travelled.

I hope you vote to be in it together but it will be your vote to choose.   Good luck!

skull crusher

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