FINAL PIECE Surely it is a basic human right to have a roof over our heads that is safe, dry and a place to call home?


Social Housing Crisis

Social housing is a problem area for the UK at the moment. Too many people have been waiting for ages to get a house and are understandably angry about it.  The problem of homelessness leads to other problems too: if you don’t have an address, you can’t get a job and it’s hard to access other services like education and health.  There are more people in need than ever so it is even more important to find a solution to this situation.

One possible solution is to build more housing around London and other cities so people can move to urban areas where there are opportunities for jobs and its easier to travel around.

Another is to move people who want social housing to places that have empty housing for people to live in.

The final option is to reclaim empty properties where their owners are living elsewhere so people in need can live in them.

The best solution would be to move people to different locations so people can have a house almost instantly and don’t need to wait a long time.

The weakness of building more social housing is some of the housing often is built cheaply and quickly so fall apart.  It is expensive to build.

The weakness of reclaiming empty houses is that there might not be enough houses to take in everyone.  Also, after a while, we would run out of space for other buildings to live in.

The weakness of reclaiming empty housing is that the owners might not want people sleeping and living in their property

A challenge that might occur with our favoured solution is that it would be hard to move all the people to a different location so we can spread people out.

To make that easier for us as we can split them into groups so it won’t be as challenging any more.


We think this is the best solution because the people who move might be able to get a better house as well as a normal house and that it would be the easiest option than the others.

Surely it is a basic human right to have a roof over our heads that is safe, dry and a place to call home?

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