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    • Hey their Asia, I would like to know why you think we need meat to live. Is it because of some of the components that are in meat like protein for example? You can get protein in things like soy products, humous and spinach. And if we couldn’t live without meat how would vegans and vegetarians survive?


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    Final piece for veganism

    I think veganism is a good idea. Because animals get killed. Did you know that animals are kept in tiny cages where there is not much space for them to have babies or have a free life. We as a class have watched videos how these poor creature are being kept. This is not only harming you it is harming all the animals.

    Thank you for listen!

    Golden Raven.

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    Minimized processed foods and instead cook meals from scratch BY OSASERE

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    Final Piece:

    Hi, I am the darkshadow. I want to tell you my opinions on the big question ‘Is a vegan society a better society?’

    I think that having a vegan society is NOT a better society.

    Some people become vegans because they believe that having a vegan diet would mean that they would only need to buy fruits and vegetables and they wouldn’t have to buy meat which is more expensive but buying things that are suitable for vegans is actually quite expensive.

    They also become vegans because they think that eating only fruits and vegetables is very healthy. But what they don’t realise is that meat contains proteins, fats, minerals and iron. So people that are vegetarians or vegans would miss on those things and it would be hard to replace those things. And they would miss out on dairy and other fats as they cannot eat. But I still respect vegans so why is having a vegan society NOT a Better society?

    First of all this could harm the environment. This reason can also show that ethics is right and wrong wether you a vegan or non-vegan. If there was a vegan society, all those vegans would need fruit & veg  but if the area didn’t have enough farming space they would cut down trees. Some people become vegans because they think that killing animals is cruel but being a vegan isn’t any better. This is because when people cut down trees the habitats of other creatures, they are destroying those animals homes and that would mean that the animals would have no place to live and they could starve and potentially die.

    Also having a vegan society would mean that you wouldn’t find any non-vegans in that society. So our multi-cultured/varied societies would be ruined.

    Furthermore, too much of ANYTHING can be harmful to our bodies (especially if you are a child). So too many fruits and vegetables can SOMETIMES be harmful to our bodies. So if you like sports and you are a vegan, you may find it hard to do sports and other things that require a lot of strength.

    To conclude I strongly believe that having a vegan SOCIETY is not a better society. This is MY OPINION. What is yours?

    The darkshadow

  5. I believe your final piece is to be a new post not a comment on somebody else’s final piece.

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    Nice post i totally agree with u


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