What do we do? final piece WhiteCedarBunny

Lots of people around the UK are people wandering around the cold streets of London. Millions of people are homeless and are needing a warm safe home.

There are experts trying to help by: filling empty houses, moving people out of crowded spaces and building more houses.

I think to help you shouldn’t build more houses or move people out because building more houses takes land and chops trees, harming animals and humans too. Also, lots of houses don’t have an owner and are waiting for a person to live inside. It might be in a bad state but builders can fix it,  that’s what they do, right? Moving people out of crowded spaces can make it harder to rent. I think this because if they are moved away from their home they can’t get to work, this means they lose money and if they lose money they can’t rent it and sadly lose their warm house again. But being moved to a different country well that means no money again! No way they can get back to London and work. You could say to go and get a job there but they can’t learn a language in 1 day. This is why I  think the best way to help is to help is to fill houses and house those people in need for a place to be in.

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