Hello, Citizens of Burnetopia. Thank you so much for inviting us here. I am here to tell you about what I think about the Burrs and Topes vote. I think that you should become independent as it will be an easier way of life.

I believe that it will be better to become independent because then you are able to speak any language you want and you are not forced to speak a different language. On Earth a great example is that all over our planet we speak different languages so if the Topes want to speak Topian, they should be allowed to speak Topian.

My second reason is if the Topes make money, then the Burrs shouldn’t be allowed to take that money. The    Burrs will not be able to do that if your independent and it will be less likely that you will be able to steal each others toothpaste. A great example to prove this from Earth is Catalonia (a place on Earth) keeps making money but Spain keeps taking it. That is why Spain doesn’t want Catalonia to leave them, they will loose money.

My final reason is the Burrs made the Topes learn their way of life instead of the other way around. Did you know that Catalonia were exactly the same?  They had to learn Spain’s way of life!

I believe it would be fair if you were to become independent but it is up to you.  Good luck!


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