should the government be responsible for providing the homeless with social housing?

In major cities like London, there are a lot of homeless people. Over a quarter of a million people to be exact. The numbers are increasing by the decade. The government is responsible for a lot of this. This should stop. imagine how you would feel. Faithful dog beside you, trying to find a home. You keep getting rejected, they say you need a job to apply or that you have to get rid of the dog. I would feel absolutely horrible .The question i’m asking is should they provide the homeless a place to go in their hour of need or will they keep saying their problem, their solution? Write what you think down below.



  1. Arbours Primary Academy Arbours Primary Academy

    I agree that this should stop.

    All people have the same right to have a roof above their head. People do say to get a job, but they don’t know their backstory. Maybe it was from working? Maybe they don’t trust the people that might be there at his job shouting at him/her for doing the wrong thing and they got stressed working? Who knows.

    They don’t even need a home. It could just be a place to rest for a while in a safe condition and have food and water, so they don’t pass out.

    Those are my opinions.


  2. Arbours Primary Academy Arbours Primary Academy

    I say yes because homeless people should have a home , the government should be responsible for it because if the government can provide people with a social house the he should provide people with a even more better excuse for needing a social house because the government has to take care of are environment and the citizens in the uk becasue first he needs to clear up the ground of the homeless then he could give the rest a social house after

    Thank you for reading my comment