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Honey. A beautiful substance made by bees; minute, curious insects in which work all day. Honey isn’t made out of bees, but by them. When it comes to being a vegan, you cannot consume or wear animal tested or made products. Some say that being a vegan means that you cannot have honey whilst some say you can; I am quite bewildered with this point and would like to know what you think…Can vegans have honey? Why, why not?


  1. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    Vegans shouldn’t have honey as, like pearls and leather, are produced by an animal. As you have stated, honey does come from bees. When you say that some vegans eat honey, I think you mean artificial honey. Honey can also be made by mixing water and corn syrup. Overall, I think it depends whether it’s real honey or artificial honey.

  2. Hi AgentKitty, thanks for the response. I appreciateyour opinion and certainty understand and agree with your point. I am curious to see whether or not anyone disagrees with your point.

  3. I’m really interested in this post! I hadn’t even considered pearls, although I had heard of vegans avoiding honey. I wonder at what point a vegan would draw the line? Can you find out about any other materials that animals have helped to make? And what are your opinions on those? For example, would it be okay to light a beeswax candle if I was a vegan? Olivia

  4. Ben Jonson Primary School Ben Jonson Primary School

    I agree that vegans cannot have honey because Vegans do not / are not allowed to eat things that ARE animals or are PRODUCED by animals. Honey is produced by bees so vegans cannot have honey.

    I think that they don’t eat anything produced by animals because of ethics. Ethics is what your OPINION is on what is right or wrong. (For example: is it right to eat pigs?) Some vegans become vegans because they think that it is CRUEL to take an animals possessions. If someone took your child you would be devastated. Honey is something that bees LOVE or NEED, I’m not quite sure why t hey LOVE or NEED. But they don’t like it when people take their possessions.
    This is probably why people that are vegans cannot/do not eat honey.

    The darkshadow

  5. Ben Jonson Primary School Ben Jonson Primary School

    I thought being a vegan meant that you CANNOT EAT things that ARE animals or are PRODUCED by animals. So do people EAT pearls?

    The darkshadow

  6. Malcolm Arnold Academy Malcolm Arnold Academy

    I believe that vegans CANNOT eat ANY animal product therefore vegans CANNOT eat honey.


  7. Malcolm Arnold Academy Malcolm Arnold Academy

    I think it is okay for a Vegan these days to have honey as these days the bees make the honey without human interference other than the fact that we now use a tap to drain the honey. These are called “Flow Hives”.
    And is really friendly seeing as how before we used to gas the bees so we could get at their honey!


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