Housing, Housing, Housing (The Graveney discussion)

We, as a club at Graveney, were set a task to arrange the main principles of social housing in order of importance. We we’re split into small groups without any guidance from our teacher.  What is really amazing is that all of our groups decided on the same order of priority.  The only difference were the reasons for choosing the categories and the equaltiy of some of the points. We put them in this order:




Health               Cost          Household Size     Location       Community       Preferences


By Sparnosaur12, Unicorn_30, NellieBly:the2nd and of course the rest of the Graveney posters/commenters


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  1. St Gregory's Catholic Primary School St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

    I think that is a great order for them but don’t you think that community would come further forward. If someone likes the house but is scared of the community around it that is a big issue.