Huck Jones calling!

Hi, my name is Huck Jones and I’m calling to tell you what I think about sports and politics mixing. People watch sports to enjoy themselves. They shouldn’t have to think about politics when they’re trying to relax. I think it’s good for athletes to keep a healthy diet and to train quite a lot to maintain a healthy and athletic state.

I understand that people are angry about things going on in the world but there are other places where they can express their opinion (such as outside the place where the athletes compete). The gym is for competing athletically, not politically.

Exercise by blueunicorn and Evilpig.

We agree with Huck Jones because if you bring politics into everything it could go haywire, for example, they could take over and make it a big political argument/debate instead of a game of football – blueunicorn and Evilpig.












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