I’m against a vegan society

Hi! My name is H2o mermaid . My post is about me being against a vegan society. Why? Because sometimes you can get vitamins, minerals and iron from meat. You can also get protein and Omega 3 from eggs. Calcium is in milk and milk comes from cows which means vegans don’t get that type of calcium. I think everyone should be what they want to be and can’t be forced to be something they don’t want to be. A vegan diet can be healthy but as I said you don’t get the same nutrients from plants as you do from meat and animals. 

Also vegans can eat avocados. Here is the story of avocados.                                                                                                 ” England can’t grow avocados so we need to ask other countries to grow and send them for us. But if we want more and the country doesn’t have enough space to grow them, they need to cut down trees or destroy land to get more farming area. This is one cause of deforestation. Anyway, I’ve seen pictures of people on Instagram who have posted to show that they have avocado on their very own plate. So I’ve found out that some people buy avocados just for fashion. Actually, a large majority of people buy avocados just for fashion. (Potentially people might waste the avocados after the photo has been taken).

If you’re a vegan, you also have limits of what you are allowed to eat. Personally, I don’t think I could last a day without meat, milk and other foods that vegans can’t eat. This is why I’m against a vegan society. 

By H2O mermaid.

Did you know that some scientists are working on fake meat using cells of the animal without killing the animal. This new invention can feed lots more people. Could this be the thing of the future???!!!

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