All I want

Is my own set of keys.

Since I was young young young

I eyed the jingling pieces of metal in my mum’s hand wishing for them

and the responsibility they came along with!

My own place, my own space.

Isn’t that what everyone dreams for?

A house that’s a home and a home that’s a house… Simple, really.

By NellieBly :the2nd


  1. St Gregory's Catholic Primary School St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

    Everyone should have independence whatever age they are. Some parents don’t take their child seriously but actually all they want is some independence to show that they are grown up. Children start to grow up and that’s fine. All they need is a bit of independence to help them along the way.

    by unicornburger

  2. Children should not have big responsibilities because them set of keys could be lost after a day or two. Every child deserves a responsibility and it will come very soon. Having those keys to look after is a great deal to the child. When having a responsibility you learn to respect your self more.


  3. St Gregory's Catholic Primary School St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

    I agree NellieBly: the 2nd

  4. Allhallows Primary Academy Allhallows Primary Academy

    Independence comes in all different forms. At different ages you have different ways to show independence. Parent’s only don’t give their child big responsibilities because they want to protect their child and not overwhelm them. As we get older, our parents try us out with new responsibilities. However, with matters such as keys being stolen, the responsibility to keep your family safe isn’t something a 10-11 year old should have to carry on their shoulders.

  5. Hi BNC! Excellent discussion points here. I agree that adults often underestimate children. Lots of children take on responsibility and do so really well. Catmad made a good point about protection and not wanting to overwhelm children; well done for showing open mindedness and seeing the other point of view. I’m interested in the idea that everyone longs for this one place to call home. Do you think this always true? Or do some people find a home too much responsibility, whatever age they are? Do you think human beings always need this anchor point to be happy? Olivia