Our interview with someone who is vegan

We had the opportunity to ask one of our teacher’s friends, Roberta, who is a vegan, some questions to help our understanding of the topic.

Why did you choose to become vegan?
– Dragonqueen
I saw videos of slaughterhouse footage years ago at a concert I was at and found it really upsetting, I realised that if I couldn’t watch the footage, I shouldn’t be buying into the industry. 
Also, cows are one of my all time favourite animals, I think they’re adorable! Once I made the connection from what was on my plate to where it came from, it really opened my eyes up to what I was doing.
When did you start becoming vegan?
– Applesandpears10
Just under 4 years ago now, I’ve just been planning a nice cake to celebrate my 4 years! I’m thinking a big vegan chocolate cake!
Do you feel any healthier than before or just the same?
– Comedy11
Some days! There are lots of vegan snacks like crisps, chocolate and sweets so on the days I eat too many, I don’t feel too healthy but I know a lot more about the foods that my body needs now and understand nutrition a lot more than I used to.
How do you feel about being vegan?
– Sleepy7, rainbowshoot and Rainbow girl
It’s a very big part of me and something I’m really proud of. 
Does veganism stop you from going anywhere you like?
– Bubblequeen
 Not at all, it’s getting easier and easier all the time to find vegan food and I use it as a good reason to explore lots of different places on the hunt for super tasty food.
Does being vegan affect where you shop for food?
– Purplebook3
Not really, I still use all the major supermarkets but some do have better ranges than others so if there’s something in particular that I want, sometimes I’ll go somewhere else but that doesn’t happen often.
Do people discriminate against you because you are vegan?
– Gossip Girl
Sadly yes, I’m often laughed at for my choices. Sometimes that upsets me but I think it’s mainly because people don’t understand veganism, I know that I’m happy with my choice and I often use those times as opportunities to show people why vegans are really like, rather than what they think they’re like. 
Do you feel left out when other people are eating meat?
– Agent Kitty
Not at all, I’ve not eaten meat for around 6 years now (I was vegetarian before vegan) and I really don’t miss it at all. Sometimes I find it difficult seeing meat everywhere (in restaurants but also in advertising) because I find it sad to look at, but I never feel left out.
How does veganism affect your daily life?
– Gossip Girl
 I think at the beginning I felt it affected it a lot more but now it’s just making sure I check the ingredients on things if I’m offered food at work or if there’s something new in the shops.
Do you feel it was the right choice?
– Daisydare150 and unicorncat
Absolutely, I’ve not doubted myself once since I went vegan, I’m really proud of my choice. I often get asked ‘what I’m missing’ by being vegan, but I see it as something gained. I can’t wait for the next years and all the tasty food options as they come out.
What is your favourite vegan meal?
– Agentpurplepasta
I really love to cook, I think my favourite meal at the moment is a creamy mushroom and garlic pasta using Oat Cream. It’s not very good for being healthy but it’s really comforting. 
What is your opinion about meat?
– Cookiecat
I really don’t see it as food anymore, it’s been so long since I ate it that I genuinely don’t miss it. I don’t agree with it as a food item either because I love my animals too much and sometimes I really do struggle to be around it. It’s hardest during the holidays, around Christmas for example. I’m really lucky that my family are very understanding and although they’re not vegan, they’ll cook vegan food for everyone if I’m there with them. My Mum is especially good at it, I’m so proud of her for trying vegan food. 
Thank you so much Roberta for taking the time to speak to us. It was great to hear about your daily life and your favourite meal sounds really interesting and tasty,


  1. Hi St. Peter’s,

    How great that you were able to get Roberta’s perspective on the issue. It’s so important to hear from different points of view.

    This article suggests that the number of vegans in the UK has grown significantly in the last two years so perhaps other BNC members will be able to chat with vegans they know too:


    Why do we think veganism is a growing trend?

    -Tiff at the Foundation

  2. This is a really great idea. I am interested about her reference to meal choices. If it is that fun and interesting to have vegan meals then perhaps it is worth a shot! By NellieBly:the2nd

  3. Upton Cross Primary School Upton Cross Primary School

    Not to be rude or anything, but where do you get your protein form if you don’t eat meat

    • St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

      there are some vegan isles in some supermarkets


    • Vegans get plenty of protein in their diet by consuming a variety of beans, nuts, wholegrains, tofu and vegetables. In fact, here are some vegetables that contain large masses of protein inside them…
      Spinach: 49% protein
      Kale: 45% protein
      Broccoli: 45% protein
      Cauliflower: 40% protein
      Mushrooms: 38% protein
      Parsley: 34% protein
      Cucumbers: 24% protein
      These foods have higher levels of protein inside them than beef (25.8% protein), chicken ( 23% protein) and eggs ( 13% protein).
      If you want to find out more about the levels of protein in vegan foods, you can learn more via this link:

    • Faringdon Community College Faringdon Community College

      Protein can gained from seeds and grain, so they are not really missing out on anything!
      There are many meat alternatives such a quorn meat which contain myco proteins which also does the same things for your body as meat does.

  4. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    Yeah I agree with purplebook3
    Gossip Girl

  5. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    Being vegan isn’t just about vegetables.
    you can get vegan milk.
    and many other food.


  6. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    Yes i agree with gossipgirl and purplebook3, we can easily eat the vegan way, it would be like living life the healthy way!

    • Ravenscroft Primary School Ravenscroft Primary School

      Bubblequeen, I think that you are missing a greater reward than having a healthy life. The greatest reward is that if we all were vegan there would be more land for forests and that means more oxygen for the world, it even lowers the chance of type-two diabetes as well as preventing, high blood pressure and even some types of cancer!


      • St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

        Just to say, veganism isn’t all about vegetables as you can get sweets, pizza (vegetarian ones.) If you really want your point ” land for forests and that means more oxygen for the world,” people could avoid chopping down forests and plants and make new food. And also, meat could also cause high blood pressure and cancer so it’s sort of 50 50.

  7. What proportion of your burnet news club is vegan?

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