Is cost important

In my class we have been discussing what a house is and the most important things that make it . There is a house which is really close to my school and its also big and very beautiful there are also vines crawling up it and lots of coulerful flowers. The problem is cost, i can only just about pay for it but it would take alot of my money .Would you buy the house and why ? -Redfox


  1. Hi Redfox-

    That house sounds lovely. Flowers and vines make houses seem magical to me! Also being close to a school would be something people with children might want when choosing a home.

    When choosing a home, what are the things we need (like warmth) and what are the things we want but aren’t essential (like being close to a school)?

    -Tiff @ The Economist Educational Foundation

  2. Boutcher Primary School Boutcher Primary School

    Cost is important because you need to pay your bills , get a house , get a job , buy food , buy furniture , buy clothes and buy things for the house to survive.

    Zendaya Charlie

  3. St Gregory's Catholic Primary School St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

    I think the cost of the house is important because some people don’t have enough money to buy a house so they use mortgage and borrow some money from the bank. I think everyone should have a house… PRICE OR NOT! There should be no homeless people any more!

    by unicornburger

  4. I think the cost of the house is VERY important because when you own the house you need to pay bills,electricity,buy food,water,clothes and get a job(my opinion) and you’ll need to take good care of the house.

  5. Hornsey School for Girls Hornsey School for Girls

    @blackmagic13 I think that even though you might like the look of it you need to consider what you NEED rather than what you WANT! Is it close to you work, school or somewhere you need to be a lot? this is what you NEED. Does it have a garden? this is what you WANT. I would get it if it was somewhere that was convenient to me.

  6. Hornsey School for Girls Hornsey School for Girls

    @blackmagic13 But I do think that the price is important as you need to consider if you would have enough money left over for all the bill and taxes ext…

  7. Arnhem Wharf Primary School Arnhem Wharf Primary School

    I think cost is important because if you get a house or rent a flat for a lot of money you might loose a lot of money and then how are you going to get food and food falls into the health category. On the other hand, rich people might be able to afford more than one home.