Could there be a legal referendum for Catalan, after the illegal one?

The illegal referendum and the outcome of the votes.

What was mentioned on the news a lot  a while ago about Catalonia was the illegal referendum that was held passed by the Parliament of Catalonia and called by the Generalitat de Catalunya. The government of Spain however, made this illegal yet some people still turned up

(from wikipedia) ‘Due to the many irregularities in the administration of the vote (with people being able to vote more than once in some places despite organizers’ claims to the contrary and on whether there was any control about it) as well as to the use of force by the National Police and Civil Guard, international observers invited by the Generalitat declared that the referendum failed to meet the minimum international standards for elections, basically meaning the referendum was void.’ However,Carles Puigdemont, the Catalan leader, said the region had “won the right to an independent state” after “millions” turned out to vote in a banned independence referendum, also claiming that 90% of people voted in favour of splitting with spain.

However, this 90% of people who voted to leave were still way less than half of the population in Catalan. In fact, just over 40% of people in Catalonia voted. Perhaps all  these people who stayed at home, not wanting to oppose the government in Spain actually wanted to remain? Was it unwise for the Spanish government to have made this vote illegal, would it have swayed in their favour, if they had allowed it and if so would this attempt on leaving Spain be over?

Why was the Catalan vote illegal and is there a possibility of a legal one taking place?

(The Economist):’Spain’s democratic constitution of 1978, which was approved by more than 90% of Catalan voters, gave wide autonomy to the regions but affirmed “the indissoluble unity of the Spanish nation”’, this basically is the reason that the Catalan referendum was illegal, so will the Catalan people ever get their voices heard?

(BBC)Well, in a interviews with the BBC, ‘The Spanish government will consider holding a nationwide referendum on changing the constitution to allow for legal independence referendums, the foreign minister says.’ This means that there is a possibility that the whole of Spain might vote to decide whether these referendums should be legal. However, a disadvantage of this is this means all of Spain will be able to decide if Catalan can have their vote, it is not just Catalans decision while an advantage of this is it means that Catalonia might finally have a chance to vote.

So all of this considered, will the people of Catalan have their referendum, the outcome and so their voices heard?

Well if the foreign minister is right and IF there was a country wide vote to allow Catalan to hold their referendum and IF the outcome of the vote allows Catalan to hold their referendum and IF enough people turn up to allow the vote to not be void then maybe the people of Catalonia will finally have their voices heard. But that seems like a lot of IF‘s…






  1. Hi Blueleopard, I am really impressed by this post. You have shown excellent curiosity by researching the topic and have clearly referenced your sources which is a brilliant skill (and one university students use in their work!)
    I look forward to reading what other club members think about the points you have made. Olivia

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