Letter of Housing

I wait I wait I wait
Impatient waits for the agreement
To free me from my parents
To start a new course

I wish I wish I wish
It would come through my door
Dreaming about is not enough
I’m starting to taste it

I hear I hear I hear
A knocking at my door
I leap straight to the door
Click the bolt in place and open the door.


I feel and feel and feel
The anger inside me
My wrath craves that
Of what I do wish

I beg I beg I beg
For a deposit on my house
They give in straight away
As they phone the bank

I heard I heard I heard
If I got it a one room I would get
I heard that a council building
Burnt down from the outside instead of the inside

Good thing I didn’t get in the end!

By Sparnosaur12

One Comment

  1. Hi guys, what do you think the government will take to be serious to give social housing?