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Hello I’m Gossip Girl from St. Peter’s Primary School, and I have some really exciting news for our topic last term ‘Women’s Rights’.

On the 12th of May 2018 I went  on a march/protest with other people about more job opportunities. The march that I did  will help with our future as well. I went because I want to show all the people that think certain people can’t things like just because there women and that adults are not the only ones that voice can be heard!

The company TUC have decided to stand up and say YOU KNOW WHAT? IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE! WHY CAN’T WE ALL BE EQUAL? I MEAN WE WERE ALL HUMAN AFTER LAST TIME WE CHECKED! I totally agree and the my mums work ‘pcs’ were there to! There was a huge balloon (as you can see in the picture).

It was very exciting and I enjoyed it a lot. I also got this very loud horn that was orange and when I blew through it and made such a loud noise that people have to cover their ears. I played a song on my orange horn and then everyone repeated it, it was really fun.

I also got my question about ‘Women’s Rights’ answered by Electronic Musical composer Shiva Feshareki you might have seen but if you have not hear is the link:

If you came to the protest as well I would love you to tell me in the comments below. I would also really like to hear your viewpoints on if this was a good idea and if not why?

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Gossip Girl

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