Why Men’s OR Woman’s Not Men AND Woman’s?

Why is it MEN’S boxing/football and WOMAN’S boxing/football? Why not MIXED boxing/football? Do you think there should be men’s boxing/football and women’s boxing/football or MIXED boxing/football where women AND men play boxing/football together? We think MIXED sport. An example of men’s sport is females aren’t allowed in several football clubs! This is MISTREATMENT to females! This should be stoped as women are equal to men and should not have different rights!

-Greencat and Shreckbox1804


  1. Hi Greencat and Shreckbox1804,

    I’m interested to hear what BNC students have to say about this.

    To help, here is a website that looks at some of the physical differences between men and women that might affect competing in sports together.


    -Tiff at the Foundation

  2. Elaine Primary Academy Elaine Primary Academy

    This is exactly what I keep thinking! I think this is because people are still afraid of breaking years of tradition. Football was England’s creation and we created it with boys. However, personally, I think we should start making mixed teams.