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First Match Has Happened!


Yesterday (on the 14th of June), the World Cup was held as the wait of 4 years is finally over! Held in Russia, the first 2 teams have played their match. Which team one?


Saudi Arabia, the losing team, was beaten by Russia 5-0. Although they lost, they have not been relegated thus meaning they still have a chance; however this could mean they would be with-drawed at a later stage.This means Russia has a chance to move on to the round of 16. Russia has also scored more goals then they previously did  in the last World Cup (2014) after just a single match. Surely, they must be on a role!


How the matches work is all 32 teams splitted up into groups of 4. Then, each team will play 3 matches against their opponents and the 2 exceeding teams move on to the quarter-finals also known as the round of 16. The World Cup is known globally as it is over 80-years-old! It first started in 1930 and has only been cancelled twice due to World War which is still impressive. Speaking of globally, the World Cup has been held in many countries and each tournament different teams participate.


During half-time, we interviewed the Russian player D Cheryshew who scored the first goal.

“ I can’t believe I scored the first goal in the entire World Cup! I hope we win our next matches .” He also said he wishes all the best to Saudi Arabia . Of course, his team went on to win the match.


All of us are excited for the World Cup. However, we can’t judge this quickly as there are more matches yet to come. Currently, we are supporting Russia however teams like France haven’t even played yet.



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