Negative Brainstorming – STRETCH AND CHALLENGE!

This week in school, we have been looking at a strategy to help us form new innovative ideas! It is an unorthodox method called Negative Brainstorming, this is when you rewrite your target in its negative form, then brainstorm ideas for it, after that, you convert the negative ideas into positive ones, creating new unique solutions you would never have thought of!
For example,
1. [POSITIVE TARGET] How can we persuade more people to eat healthily?
2. [NEGATIVE TARGET] How can we persuade more people to eat unhealthy food?
3. [NEGATIVE IDEA] Stop selling all healthy food.
4. [POSITIVE SOLUTION] Stop selling all unhealthy food.

Your task is, to come up with a positive solution for how the government can improve social housing standards, using this method.

1. [POSITIVE TARGET] How can the government improve social housing standards?
2. [NEGATIVE TARGET] How can the government make social housing standards worse?

Answer the question like this:

[NEGATIVE IDEA] …………………………………………………………………….
[POSITIVE SOLUTION] ……………………………………………………………..
You must be creative and open minded! HAVE A GO even if you find this concept challenging! This task should open up your mind to new ideas on social housing, which will be extremely useful for our end of term issues!
By Pip:Wip


  1. St Gregory's Catholic Primary School St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

    1. POSITIVE SOLUTION….. The government can improve Social Housing standards by making sure that everyone has a house instead of some people being homeless.

    2. NEGATIVE IDEA…. The government can make it worse by not taking any action and leaving the homeless people on the streets.

    by unicornburger

  2. I’m not completely convinced this method is valid. The answers you achieved in your example could also be found by the positive method. Although I like to see innovative thinking, I’m not sure if this makes a difference to your ideas! Can you convince me? By NellieBly: the2nd

    • For many people, this unique strategy can help create and inspire new great ideas. However, like with most things, not everyone finds them easy and useful as everyone is different; this doesn’t mean that this method is not valid.

      By Pip:Wip

  3. Allhallows Primary Academy Allhallows Primary Academy

    Positive- The Government can take action, with their links to big companies, they can get more houses built every day for those who NEED not want.
    Negative- The Government can take no action and do nothing to change what is happening.

    In my opinion I think the government could help all people, but especially the elderly and also people with disabilities, because everyone needs a home and without one you would feel very neglected.
    The government could make houses more expensive. And also make sure the people who are homeless shouldn’t get homes, because they spent their money on useless things!

    Obviously the POSITIVE reason was much more better. The government should really know how to look after London and make sure everyone is treated in the same way!

    By KangarooKraze!

  5. Well done for stretching our thinking skills here, Graveney! I love seeing new ways to improve our reasoning and this is not something I had thought of. For some people, thinking of the flip side may help improve their thought process, even though they come to the same conclusion. Philosophers find this really useful, the ‘steps’ in an argument are called premises. You can read more about them at:


  6. Kings Heath Primary Academy Kings Heath Primary Academy

    An issue that I would have with this would be that to achieve a negative outcome we can usually take an extreme option to get there which would be reasonably effective whereas I think that positive solutions generally need to have a great deal of nuance to be effective. It is nonetheless an interesting concept that may be useful in certain circumstances to stretch peoples thinking.