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In some parts of Russia, you can be killed for being gay. If the person wasn’t killed they would be brutally beaten or arrested. LGBT right are rights for Lesbains, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders, It protects them from harm. Even though Russia has signed this agreement, they are still harming its citizens.

Russia has the largest land mass in the world. This is bad because it means they have power – more power means more alliances. Other countries – which are allied to Russia – may think that what Russia is doing is right and might want to help Russia attack other countries who don’t. If they have more land, they can store more missiles, nuclear missiles however this is not a bad thing if North Korea turns hostile – because Russia is not pleased with their recent choices-, Russia could help out America and Britain by blowing up North Korea or detain them.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are treated badly in Russia because of their religion. Within Russia, being a Jehovah’s Witness is against the law – illegal. They are treated badly. The Independent Newspaper has quoted that “a threat to the rights of the citizens, public order and public security.” The Russian government hates Jehovah’s Witnesses so much that the members of the public are allowed to act of their own accord if they know a Jehovah’s Withess. Another reason to support how much Russia hates this religion, they have classed them as an “extremist” group – like Isis or the IRA.

We get 13% of our gas from Russia. This may seem good at first however this is far from the truth. This gas/petrol is produces Carbon Dixoide which is a green house gas – this bad for us because it’s warming up the planet which would melt the polar ice caps. This isn’t a problem for us in the Uk but for countries like Australia, Brazil and Northern America it is life changing. It would reduce their land to a lot less than they had before. This is why the world is researching green energy.


-The Asgardian Reporter, Dumbledore 006

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  1. Streatham Wells Primary School Streatham Wells Primary School

    red fox here,
    i think Russia should give their citizens their LGBT rights because thats who they are and they can’t change them .

    • Malcolm Arnold Academy Malcolm Arnold Academy

      Hey red fox,

      We all believe that LGBT right need to be returned but How do you think we should proceed with this?


    • Malcolm Arnold Academy Malcolm Arnold Academy

      Dumbledore 006 and Gibson 666(new reporter),
      I completely agree, people should be free for who they are
      Thanks for bringing that up as I think it’s a main point
      Why do you think that Putin is ignoring the LGBT rights?

  2. Newbury Park Primary School Newbury Park Primary School

    I agree with you red fox because they should be able to feel safe no matter where they are, they shouldn’t feel unsafe just because they are either LGBT women or journalists

    • Hello Newbury Park! I’m sorry that I removed your Hub handles from your comment. I wasn’t sure if they were revealing your real names. Please reply to this comment with the hub handles you’d like for the whole year. It’s fine to stick with the ones you used earlier (as long as they weren’t your real names)! Thank you, Olivia

    • Malcolm Arnold Academy Malcolm Arnold Academy

      Dumbledore006 and Gibson666,
      Again we agree.
      Which do you think gets most hatred, lesbians, gays, bisexuals or trans-genders? Why?

  3. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    I think that Rusha is a big coutry i think that the Woman Rights to do what they want. And its not fair for the girls.I also think the woman rights are great and we are learning so much diffrant things at Burnet news club we are having so much fun and having such a great time.Unicornrainbow

    • Malcolm Arnold Academy Malcolm Arnold Academy

      Hey Unicornrainbow,

      I agree with you on women right and how they need to return but shall LGBT rights be returned to?


  4. In my opinion,I think that they shouldn’t change who people are because everyone has the right to be who they want to be.Also,people shouldn’t feel different and unsafe just because they are LGBT they can have their own rights for being who they really are.

  5. Malcolm Arnold Academy Malcolm Arnold Academy

    This is a good post! What are your opinions of the matter?

  6. Newington Community Primary School Newington Community Primary School

    I think gay and lesbian people should be who they are and not change a bit because that’s who they are and they can’t change that. I would like it if someone somewhere would stand up to Putin and start LGBT rights in Russia again!! Would you like it if someone stoped you from being yourself?

  7. Hi BNC, well done to Malcom Arnold here for sparking a discussion with very well thought through arguments. Can anyone show some scepticism here, and suggest what these facts DON’T tell us? Is there anything they are missing out? For example, if 13% of our gas comes from Russia, couldn’t we get that from somewhere else? What’s the alternative? And are those countries who produce gas better at upholding human rights? Olivia