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Session 3 – Iuri

I agree with Session 3 Common assumptions! That people who work hard should receive more money because they’re taking time out of their precious lives to do more work so they can get paid even more! The people who don’t work hard should get paid but not as much if […]

Session 3 My Opinion

It says that the average wage is 26,500 per year. The average boss at the country’s biggest companies earns that much in two and a half days. IS THAT FAIR? My opinion is that it’s not fair. That is a lot of money, employees work so hard to get to this amount […]

compulsory voting

Compulsory voting means that all members of the country must vote.This can mean if a citizen does not vote they will have a fine. Many places have compulsory voting. This is good as it counts as the whole countries vote. This is also bad as people who are not interested […]

Crampton: The Labour party

I have done some research and have found out what the Labour party believe in. I have not only done that but have shared my opinion and standpoints about what the Labour party believe in. The Labour party believe that  there need to be different levels of tax depending on how much […]

Voices – Boris

Personally, we think that Boris Johnson is right for many reasons. For example if you were a hard working doctor and you spent a lot of money on University, and you worked for 1-9 hours a day and you got the same amount of money as someone who worked for 1-5 hours […]

The voices (Ed Miliband)

I don’t agree and do agree because even if your poor and your family are you can study really hard you can still be good. I also do agree because if your poor you won’t have the opportunities other children have like example (you can’t afford university and private school.) […]


I strongly believe that no-one should vote for UKIP, this is because Nigel Farage said that he would not let immigrants come to the UK and I believe that this is wrong! Do you? I got this info from- MERCY – ORANGE JUICE

Queen’s Speech sets out government’s plans

The Queen has set out what the government plans to do during the last session of Parliament before the general election in May. The Queen’s Speech included the introduction of a 5p charge for plastic carrier bags in shops in England, with the money raised going to charity. The government […]

Inital Thoughts Raymond:-)

It is really horrible because poor people don’t have not that much and there is not going anywhere but rich people is going higher and higher and the poor people are like left behind. i agree Ed Millband because you can’t see the poor people struggle and rich get richer.  

Initial Thougts Mitchell Ishmail

I think that is very awful that they are to think to increase the tax to rich people because they worked their hardest and they have to pay more! It is outrageous that they did their best some people and some people did not do anything and they are getting.People […]

Labour Party

Labour has only been in government for four short periods of the 20th century. However its achievements have revolutionised the lives of the British people. The values Labour stands for today are those which have guided it throughout its existence. • social justice • strong community and strong values • […]


Why do MPs earn nearly 3 times more than an average person? They don’t do much, do they make burgers to feed other people? Do they work hard to make buildings? They just fight the election with JUST a speech. Also if they win, they might NOT do what they […]