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–{My opinion Who I Will Vote}–

{-←-} ——— ♣    –{ Who i will vote}–  ♣ ———{- →         }                                                                                     I will  choose the Green Party because it help the plant grow healthy . If there is no flowers there we won’t get any oxengyne and lots and lots of could survive and won’t harm the environment.          

The world in 2025

2025 It’s important to predict the future so that we can be prepared for it. I agree with this statement because you need to use your imagination.If you don’t there won’t be any future. What I mean by this is that if we do not think about the future, there’s going to […]

The Future and Jobs

In the future it will be harder to find jobs. We have the technology to replace robots we nearly all the jobs we do for example no one drives the train in Paris- at least not a human. Jobs like building can simply be taken over by robots also flight […]

My Initial standpoint

This post is all about my initial standpoint this was influenced by session 2 voices. We are constantly changing and so is the world so can`t really predict the future. Yes we may have more advanced technology but with all the  technology  we are hurting the earth. Paul Ehrlich has […]

Bill and Melinda Gates

We agree with Bill and Melinda Gates when they said that if we all have internet we will all be more aware of the things around us for example poverty in Africa or the Ebola crisis. If we all take notice of these problems we might contribute to these things […]

I agree With Bill Gates!!!

  I agree with Bill Gates because we have a opportunity to make our future a brighter place by donating more money to more continents and countries such as Philippines and Africa and if we donate money they will be able to afford mobile phones to transfer more money around […]

Our World In 2025

Our World In The Future(10 YEARS). There are many different opinions about what our future would be like for example, my friend who wants to be anonymous says people will help each other more and there will be flying cars also people will be richer. When I think people will […]


I think that technology will take over the world in 2025. It will be very rare to see someone to do anything by hand. Right now technology is slowly taking the world. In 5  years time maybe even half of the world will be taken over by technology. And maybe all […]

We totally agree with Bill and Melinda Gates!

We agree with Bill Gates because when he says he is going to do something – he does it. However, scientists are always making predictions and getting them wrong. Personally I think that Paul Ehlich is missing the point because he wants the things he says to come true but sometime […]

Flying motor cycles in the future.

Based on the news, we have heard lots about flying motor cycles that will appear in the future. The motorcycles will be powered with horsepower and a 162-motorcycle engine. We think the new type of motorcycle shouldn’t and should be made. We think flying motorcycles shouldn’t be made because they may crash into […]

Technology in ten years time…

Technology in ten years time…

I think that in the next ten years time technology will develop like never before and humans will be more dependent on robotics, for example, maybe in our hospitals instead of having a nurse or doctor there will be a medical robot to help cure sicknesses and viruses. A new […]

We will be in more depth in 2025.

If in 2025 the world would be more efficient with robots we will not require that many people to control the machines. That is a big dilemma because even now we need more jobs and robots don’t really require assistance and the Immigration is bound to rise in Britain so we will […]

Healthcare in the future – This week’s trend

This term the Burnet News Club topic is the future! Every week during this term, we will post a blog about one trend that you have already thought about in the Burnet News Club, and help you think about how that trend might affect the future.  Earlier this year, you […]