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How we can stop Ebola

By: K.M Age: 10 It will take at least six to nine months to bring the Ebola outbreak under control. During those months, at least 20,000 more people may be infected, and half will likely die.So how can we help? We can all help stop the virus by giving money […]

Opinion on the testing Ebola

By Charlotte 9 Why should you test Ebola on people? Some medicines might cause side effects and they don’t deliberately want to kill anyone so they should think of something else to test it on. My opinion is to test it on something that is near a human being,monkeys and gorillas. […]

Ebola Facts

Ebola Facts: Ebola started in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone Ebola was discovered in 1976. It is hard to catch, you can only catch it if you have direct contact with an Ebola patient’s body fluids or poo. There is no cure for Ebola but people are making a vaccine […]

Let’s stop Ebola once and for all

By: Heartdog Age: 10 Most countries in the African nation are suffering a serious disease called Ebola. Ebola has been in this world for a long time, and not a lot of people realised it let alone find a cure for it. So let’s stop it once and for all. […]

Thoughts on Ebola and the voices

By: LOLMEISTER2691 Age: 9 We have to stop this deadly disease before we all have it and we are going to have to do this by avoiding contact with bodily fluids.Do not forget that this disease is carried by bush meat and other animals. Jessica Vaughan | Unfair Some people […]

thoughts about the ebola

what do I think? I think if we could help them then we should,just image how it would feel if you were stuck in a house and people could help you but they choose not to.If we all just try I know that we could make sure ebola gets rid […]

Ebola man made?

By:JJstar10 Age:10 It is easy to make viruses by accident. If doctors or scientists test their there substances on plants and animals, then it can easily spread by accident. What do you think? By:JJstar10 Age:10


What is Ebola? Ebola is a serious disease that people can die from. There is no cure for it but there is one made in Canada for monkeys. The virus could spread it to people by breathing. Other Countries are helping and got it e.g Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, the […]

Nurse returning to Sierra Leone

We have just been learning about William Pooley who is a British nurse.  He caught the Ebola virus in August when he was helping to treat people.  He was flown back to the UK for treatment.  However, after being cured, he has returned to Freetown to help people with Ebola. […]

Ebola is everywhere!!!

We found out today that Ebola is so dangerous that it started to spread in Spain and America. A nurse from Spain had gone over to West Africa to cure the citizens that have Ebola. After trying to help people with Ebola, the nurse got badly infected and the illness […]

Keep Isolation

It seems clear to me that people should keep people with Ebola in isolation so the disease doesn’t spread. The reason I think this because if they are not isolated the world will be filled with Ebola. If we do not cure this human will become extinct. Do You want Ebola […]

Isolation is wrong!

I belive that people with Ebola shouldn’t be isolated because they are locked away from thier own kind including friends and family. They feel like a monster that everyone fears. They are lonly even if they can see thier family through a glass window and talk to them through a microphone. […]