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#HIVE HELPS the world

Hive is  a good app when your out and about in the streets,country side,city or even at your friends house.its an app were your heating is connected to your phone and when you go on it you can set the heat in your house! So download it please save ENERGY PLEASE!!! please comment […]

Bio fuel cars

There are many ways to save the environment and this is one very big solution. Instead of using cars which cause pollution, why not use bio fuel cars. Biofuel comes from plants. It may cause a bit of carbon dioxide but the plants will turn it into oxygen. So why not […]

Solar for energy.

Another way to make energy without causing harm for the environment is using solar power. Using solar power will stop people complaining so much that there is so little energy in the world around us, but people don’t use it so we need to tell the public that this is […]

Fuel poverty-what is the is the real solution?

The government is working hard to stop fuel poverty but I agree with this quote from the guardian: “It’s tough ask: only 4% of families in fuel poverty live in a band C rated home. And with utility prices still rising, will helping households to cut the amount of energy […]

Fracking is bad for the environment!

If fracking is going to be used more widely it needs to be safer to ensure that the environment will be more safe. Fracking is a process of drilling into the ground and then send a high-pressure mixture of water straight at the ground to get the gas inside in […]

Environment or Being Warm??

Some people think that being warm is the key to saving money and some other people think that they want to save money instead of being warm. And those people that say saving money IS THE KEY. And those people are thinking ahead, they are thinking of the future. So […]

Are video games a good idea for children?

On the one hand, we think that video games are not a good idea because they can affect your sleep. They could stop you from sleeping and violent games could give children nightmares. Lots of children under 18 still play games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty even […]

Why should animals suffer???

My opinion is that if we keep on wasting energy then we are not only damaging human life but we are also damaging wildlife. Are we being selfish just thinking about ourselves? If we care about animals then why don’t we turn those feelings into action, animals also live on […]

Global Warming

Lots of you use the TV and leave it on at night but, what you don’t know, everyday millions of people waste electricity by not turning it of. If this continues, in 50 years time, this world could come to an end. Do you really want this to happen to our home? […]

How can we stop fuel poverty?

“Fuel poverty is a serious issue which energy suppliers are helping to get rid of this issue in a number of ways.Between 2013 and 2015 suppliers are  expected stop spend around 1.3 billion a year on energy. A large amount of this money will be made available to  vulnerable customers […]