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My reaction: General Election winner.

I was deciding between Green party and Conservatives to win. And conservatives won. It was unexpected, but I thought Labour was going to win since Labour is a big thing in London. Anyways , I heard UKIP could have won, but they only had one seat. The amount of votes beated the […]

My Thoughts

Over the election David Camron has made some excellent points and made another win for the election, but I still think UKIP should have won. UKIP said that they would send any foreign criminals out of this country. But conservatives are giving them a free house. I think they should […]

What I think about Susan B Anthony’s quote

”There will never be complete equality until women themselves help to make laws and elect lawmakers.”-Susan B Anthony I think that Susan is correct because to make a change you need to work as a team and men and women are like a team so to make the world a […]

An idea for next term!

Hello, We were thinking that, for next terms topic, it might be interesting to research about Nepal. This might be a good topic because we could find out about how the earthquake happened, what others could to do to help and what will happen to the country now. E.C.

The winners of the General Election!

The winners of the General Election were the conservatives and with a whopping 331 seats beating the Labour party and all of the parties, they did not even need a coalition with the Liberal Democrats and having a majority government and winning by an extra 5 seats.I myself was suprised by the amount of […]

My reaction to the General Election!

I was extremely shocked by the outcome of the election and the loss of seats by the Labour party and the Liberal democrats, I was also very surprised by the resignation of the Labour party’s leader Ed Miliband and the leader of the Liberal democrats, Nick Clegg. The Conservatives took the […]

Opinion on Voting – Election ;)

Brief Introduction I am a kid so my opinions and choices won’t be strong as when i’m older! If I was an adult I would vote for the because their leader at the moment is David Cameron and so far he has made right choices for example educational choices and has not made […]

Why should everyone vote?

People should stop taking the right to vote for granted because other countries are run by dictatorship and for us not to vote is disgraceful. Some people have fought for years and years, trying to get the right for us to vote. They were the one who had to handle […]

Who should have won?By Isha Ahmed

I like the conservtives ,labour and green party. I think  green party should win because they clean up the world and without them we wouldn’t be able to live. They help our community and make sure the environment is okay, I think we wouldn’t survive  because people litter and don’t care so without them the […]

Svjatoslav’s opinion(Conservatives)

The Leader of the Conservative Party is the David Cameron(the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom).He was with them for 10 years since 2005. Congratulations,David Cameron and the conservatives for winning the election once again.I voted for the conservatives because they will keep everything such as education the same.Well Done […]

The important letter – who should vote

Dear Members of Parliament, I am writing to you to say that I think that people who are in prison should be allowed to vote. One reason is that everybody has a voice even though the people in prison had done a bad thing it doesn’t mean that they can’t […]