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People should stop wasting so much fuel since it is damaging our environment. We should stop wasting it because it is releasing deadly toxins and other threating chemicals . Since we waste so much fuel , it is damaging our environment and loads of animals are getting extinct because of […]

Our Enviorment

I agree that we should have a fair amount of fuel so people don’t start fighting. The climate change is happening because of us. The really dirty pollution around us from cars ,buses ,trains and many more because of us. Because of climate change animals are dying.

climate change

i am sure that people who waste don’t care because if they did they wouldn’t polute the land and  ruin our enviroment. i think this because our land is slowly changing and not only britian but countrys arond the world  like: bangladesh,india,china e.t.c.    

Opinions vs Facts

We think that political parties should focus on energy more than anything else because energy is what people waste most, one party that does that supports looking after the environment is The Green Party. Many people cannot live without energy and some people freeze to death. Some countries are taking advantage of this and   are wasting energy […]

Is fuel a human right?

Do you think fuel is a human right? I think it is. But what is not right is wasting it. You are wasting money, wasting energy, destroying our planet by being careless and wasting energy. We only have one plant to live on. so other people can just do there […]

Initial standpoint

I believe that the government should not give the homeless £100, but give them upgraded houses with double glazed windows and other ways to keep them warm without using too much electricity. For example, you could keep your doors completely shut, get double glazed windows and jumpers or woolly clothes […]

Initial Standpoint

Heating prices should not drop because people will abuse it. The government shouldn’t drop the price because it’s the amount of fuel people use when they’re at home. They can use plenty of other things to keep warm. For example, closing windows and doors firmly, wear warm clothes, double glazed […]

Should scientists develop clean sources of energy?

Until the UK finds a way to capture lightning, the power stations have to generate electricity. The majority of electricity is made from three main sources: coal-fired(36.3%) ; gas-generated and nuclear(19.8%).  When these sources are burnt they cause pollution. Shouldn’t the government give money to scientists so they can develop […]

Where does our electricity come from ?

96% of electricity consumed in the UK is made in the UK but only 43% of the fuel needed comes from Great Britain. The fuel for generating the electricity relies on almost forty countries mostly in Asia and the Middle East. The coal from all over the world gets shipped […]

Heat vs Earth

I asked three people in our club what they would do, keep people warm or save the earth. Note I am not aloud to type there real name so I will say there username. Saracens RC thinks its not fair that our previous generation said that its up to us […]

Climate Change

WHAT IS CLIMATE CHANGE? According to the dictionary climate change is a change in global climate. This means that the world gets polluted and animals fade away. This would be very catastrophic and cause a large impact in the UK and not just the UK but the whole world. IS […]