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Change the world forever

Money cannot buy you everything in life. It cannot buy you confidence, true happiness or independence. Those are some of the things you have to earn by working hard. Many people in the world live in poverty, which means you are homeless, you don’t have money, you don’t have medicine […]

MDGs and economic growth unite!

Many people in the world are living in poverty, which means they are poor and don’t have what they need, like clean water. The governments of countries all over the world are trying to help people living in poverty to help people survive and make sure they have education. The […]

MDGs don’t provide ABCs

We believe nobody should be in poverty. Many people in the world live in poverty, which means they live in hunger and don’t have enough food. They don’t have proper houses or get an education. The MDGs help, but there are many better ways. The governments of countries all over […]

British Immigration

Immigrants from other countries, mainly from Bulgaria and Romania, travel to our country adopting a new life. Politicians like David Cameron say they want fewer people to come and live in Britain. Nick Clegg, (the leader of the Liberal Democrats) and Ed Miliband (the leader of the labour party) as […]

Immigration At Its Best

We are aware that immigration is usually described negatively; however we hope to change that. The reasons we believe that immigration is a positive thing is because it will ultimately help thousands of people to have a better life. People suffering from wars in their home country will have a […]

Is immigration a situation?

The question on whether Romanians and Bulgarians should come to Britain has been asked for years. Finally on the 1st of January, the government proclaimed that Bulgarians and Romanians were allowed to enter the UK without limitation. Although this has happened, there has been a lot of talk on benefits […]

Is immigration a problem? – It’s complicated

It is well known that some people think that immigration is a problem. For example, some members of the government are worried that immigrants will take millions of jobs. Some people are worried that immigrants will not know how to follow the rules and laws in this country. The government […]

The Cleaner Society

Thousands of immigrants come to Britain every year but what impact is it making on British-born people? Immigrants usually come to Britain to work, to get free healthcare or to escape from their homeland, often driven here by poverty or war. A serious issue to do with immigration is the […]

A Question of Sport

Are sporting events a benefit for all countries? Although many people think that hosting large sporting events can be a risk, a country may need to take that chance in order for the economy to thrive. However, the aftermath of such an event can result in derelict stadiums, abandoned land […]

Sporting Events

People who live in places where big sporting events are happening or have happened are deciding whether big sporting events such as the Winter Olympics, Olympics or World Cup should happen. The Winter Olympics and World Cup are making citizens of the countries ask these questions. This article will be […]

The Olympics… will it instil a worthwhile legacy?

We believe that Olympics/World Cup will have an effect on its own country. The reason being is that cities will have to spend a huge amount on building stadiums, transport and facilities to accommodate, furthermore, like with any international event a colossal amount of money is required to exceed expected […]

Winter Olympics: Did the Motherland do the right thing?

Can Russia afford to host the Olympics as well as looking after their people? Many enquiries have arisen about whether Russia can afford for both. Many people have been living in poverty however Russia has not taken the opportunity of the £30 billion used to host the Olympics to help […]

Large sporting events – who wins, who loses?

Recent major sporting events such as the London 2012 Olympics and this year’s Sochi Winter Olympics and the World Cup this summer bring athletes from all over the world together to compete.    Some members of our news club think these big events are good because most people in the […]

A Sticky Sporty Situation in the Nation

Most world sporting events are staged every 4 years, such as the Olympics and the World Cup. In my article I intend to explore both sides of the argument of whether they are beneficial or not to the country hosting. One opinion is that it is a bad thing for […]

The gore of games: what does the future hold?

Violent video games can affect under 18’s health, education and social skills.  Is the root of the problem society, the game or the responsibility of the player? Do shops need to check I.D? This article will discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of video games. Why do people […]