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Who is going to win?

  This years general election is a tough one. But there are two main parties who are likely to win.Labour and Conservatives have a high chance of winning.  Labour  has 272  seats at the moment and they can make a coalition with the SNP to just get one more seat than the […]

Arnhem Wharf Votes Green

Arnhem Wharf can reveal that we are a Green seat! We voted earlier in the week and the results were as follows: 1st-Green Party (66%) 2nd- Labour (16%) 3rd- UKIP and Lib Dems (9% each) 4th – Conservatives (0 votes) We wonder if today’s results in the General Election will […]

St Joseph’s has voted!

We have just held our own class election! Before sharing our results, here is a little bit about how our morning was organised: First of all, our teacher organised us into 5 groups. He then assigned a party to each group and asked us to research the main policies and […]

Why I think labour should win!

I think labour should win the general elections because most of their promises are quite different from the other party’s ,when I say different I mean really helpful to us all in the future and now!One of their manifesto that really struck me was: If a child’s parent is too […]

I vote for the labour party!

I’m voting labour because they are going to reduce the voting age to 16, and I will not vote for the conservatives because they are not helping the NHS, for example, they have to find a way for people going into Accident and Emergency to have treatment as soon as […]

Is it important to vote

Lots of people think one vote is not going to make there party win but there wrong. If everyone votes for the party they want then the party they vote for has a bigger chance of winning.But sometimes people just can’t, be bothered to vote or some people don’t,know who […]

Vote for labour

I want labour to come into power because they let people vote at the age of 16.I think some prisoners should vote because some prisoners are set up and put into jail for no reason.I also want labour to come into power because they give an extra 2.5billion to the […]

Vote for Labour!

I think Labour had a lot more manifestos that could help us in the future.I personally liked Labours idea of ‘Access to childcare from 8am-6pm for parents of primary school children’ because ,some parents work or get in traffic on the way to pick you up.For example, if my dad […]

Who do you vote

  I know kids cannot vote but thanks to Burnet, we are able to vote between ourselves. On Thursday 7th May, it is the general election. Most 18 year olds and over will vote but not all will choose to use their vote. We live in a democratic country which […]

Our recent visit from candidates

Recently, we have had two opposing party candidates visit our school for the topic on the General Election. One was the standing MP for our local area and other was the candidate for Labour. The labour candidate was in power for 15 years until the conservative candidate that visited us […]

Reflection on Our MP visit

In Burnet news club, we met two candidates for the election. One was a candidate for Conservatives, and one was an MP for Labour. The candidate for Conservatives was Rehman Chisti, and I learnt some very interesting things from him. A certain thought I had was about Parliament. Meeting and […]

My reflection on our visits

Recently, two opposing party candidates visited Napier Primary and Nursery Academy to answer our interesting questions. Rehman Chishti is part of the Conservative party and when I asked him if he could be Prime minister for the day, he kind of dodged that question and said that he liked the […]

Our meeting of local candidates

Our meeting of local candidates

During Club over the past two weeks, we have met the Labour and Conservatives candidates for our consistency. We prepared questions and asked about their job and what it is like in parliament. We also asked them questions about their policies and what they would do for the local community. […]

Crampton: What age should you be to vote?

Today we were talking about voting age and letting younger people vote then that’s when I thought: what aage should you be to vote? Know loads of people have different veiws on this so here’s mine: I strongly believe that from the age of eleven you should be aloud to […]