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Some Africans can’t help the people in need for Ebola because they don’t have the techonology to do it. OR do they want just want to protect themselves? If they are, they shouldn’t do that because it’s all of our responsibility to help them. What if we had Ebola? The president of […]

Crampton; my opinions on ebola

I think that ebola is a terrible disease. Most countrys are cruel and selfish and they don’t want to help these poor people with ebola, but I hope Britain is different. We should never give up trying to cure ebola or else the world could end… Christina Burnet

Crampton : my opinion about Ebola.

Personally , I disagree that testing unknown medicines on  ‘ poor black people ‘ is wrong. My reasons for believing this is that everybody should be equal. I think that equality should stand for every person. The medicines should be tested on volunteers and close-death people , Peacemaker & Lola […]

How real is Ebola ?

Ebola is a virus which started in West Africa, 2013 December. There has been a huge effect on the public about it. We want to know just how serious it really is. In the newspaper there have been terrifying statistics and reports but is the newspaper really telling the truth? […]

Symptoms and Reasons

The cause of Ebola The cause of Ebola is suspected to be from eating infected animals can and could be the cause of Ebola, because if you were cutting up the animal and it’s blood had splashed on your skin, you would have no idea that it was infected and […]

Facts about Ebola

Ebola is a deadly virus which has now spread to Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. . The main airports in the United Kingdom conducting safety checks on passengers to make sure they are not infected with Ebola and if they are, they  get medical advice quickly. This is only for the flights coming in from West Africa […]

Ebola Crisis

Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia have just recovered from a war but now they are suffering the nasty virus named Ebola. Ebola started in 1976 but then stopped for 36 years . In 1976 the virus broke out in a small village in Zaire. After 36 years this nasty virus stopped […]

The Terrible Ebola

Now Ebola is really sad. It has spread to west Africa. It has also spread to America and Spain. Ebola was found in September 1974. Some people have now risked there lives to help patients in  hospitals. Do you know why Ebola spread to America? Well here’s how. A man […]

Who’s responsibility is it for Ebola?

I think its our, West Africa, Spain and Americas responsibility.Its our responsibility because we charge less money for ill patients!Its West Africa’s responsibility as it’s their country and people are doing so that goes to Spain and America!(so West Africa should charge less for ill patients and ask them if […]


Ebola isn’t a disease we should focus on. There are other diseases like cancer, diabetes etc. Ebola is an uncontrollable disease. We should treat countries with Ebola but our doctors should not be going there. There are other things that need our attention. People want to make a cure as […]

Crampton: Our thoughts about ebola

I would like to know more about how the nun got Ebola. It’s like a mystery! maybe we should investigate… Christina Burnet Will Ebola ever have a cure? When did it start? How did it start? Is there a cure? by Elizabethan The Great How does it spread? Why don’t […]