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snow has arrived!!!

This morning when I got out of bed there was snow in my garden. immediately I wondered wether I would be warm enough.I also wondered why there hadn’t been snow already.And then I realised that snow was becoming more and more unfrequent because of global warming. Why does everyone have […]


This is a serious problem, as many old people die from the cold, children are finding it hard to do their homework in the cold, it all leads up to a problem with the cold! However, the way I see it, it all ends up in a disaster: If the […]

Crampton: Facts about Passive Houses

Passive houses Passive houses are refer to ultra-low energy buildings and have energy efficiency in a building.  Yet, a Passive House is more than just a low-energy building. It  Passive Houses allow for heating and cooling related energy savings of up to 90% compared with typical building stock and over […]

Crampton: Is Fuel a Human Right?

Is fuel a human right? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself and I think I have an answer. I strongly believe that fuel is a ‘human right’. My reasons for being so are:  If a rich person were to buy alot of fuel it will damage the environment but […]

Isha poem

Roses are red , using energy is bad it makes me mad then I’m so sad. For me please don’t use energy. Bye my dear reader. Don’t be a cheater. By Isha stay in school kids

Keeping Warm

I think that the government should give money to ONLY the poor. However we need to make sure that the money doesn’t go to anything else. (such as spending it on their own leisure.) There are other ways to stay warm! Close all your windows properly Go visiting a warm place. […]


People should stop wasting so much fuel since it is damaging our environment. We should stop wasting it because it is releasing deadly toxins and other threating chemicals . Since we waste so much fuel , it is damaging our environment and loads of animals are getting extinct because of […]

Our Enviorment

I agree that we should have a fair amount of fuel so people don’t start fighting. The climate change is happening because of us. The really dirty pollution around us from cars ,buses ,trains and many more because of us. Because of climate change animals are dying.

climate change

i am sure that people who waste don’t care because if they did they wouldn’t polute the land and  ruin our enviroment. i think this because our land is slowly changing and not only britian but countrys arond the world  like: bangladesh,india,china e.t.c.    

Opinions vs Facts

We think that political parties should focus on energy more than anything else because energy is what people waste most, one party that does that supports looking after the environment is The Green Party. Many people cannot live without energy and some people freeze to death. Some countries are taking advantage of this and   are wasting energy […]