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Our Opinion On Labour

This is a quote from Ed Miliband ”It is time to change Britain so it works for you, not just a powerful few. That’s my goal. That’s what Labour is about” I think Labour are really good because they promise to make it work for everyone unlike the conservatives. He […]

raihan OPINION

. Is democracy Important… YES . What should be the Minimum voting age be?: I think the age should be over 18 because over 18 years old people is more responsible for there opinion and could explain powerfully who should be president for this year

Answering Starter Questions.

Is it important to vote?:  Yes I believe that everybody should vote as this can affect your lifestyle. Why do you think some people don’t vote?: I think that some people do not vote because they are not educated enough about politics there are some organisations that help educate people […]

A Brilliant Piece Made By Isha Ahmed

I think that  they should lower the voting to 16 year olds because that is when they are mature and sophisticated, also I am going to say about why it’s so important for girls to vote and why  younger voters don’t vote that much. I think that we should lower it […]

Opinions on Democracy and voting! :) From Iuri

Question = Q  Opinion = O Q: Should prisoners be able to vote for the General Election? O: I think prisoners should be able to vote for the General  Election because they are over 18 (adults) and the election doesn’t happen frequently (happens every4 Years). O: I also think that […]

Why prisoners shouldn’t vote by Amira

I don’t think that prisoners should vote because,firstly, they have broken the law! Why would any one trust  prisoners to vote when their in prison. If you don’t trust them once , why would you trust them twice? They voting could make a big change to our government. This could also […]

Crampton: My opinions on Voting and Democracy

Voting is the most precious right of every citizen, and we have a moral obligation to ensure the integrity of our voting process.  Voting is a right, best exercised by people who have taken time to learn about issues in our economy. Democracy is not just voting for you leaders; […]

Resitting SATS

This poor girl is in despair and this is exactly how I feel because if you fail your sat’s there is no point because your going to put in the same answers that was in the other test. and i thing somebody should do something about it. if no one […]


Of course we are not allowed to vote but in our Burnet News Club session next week we will be having our own mini vote. I have been doing some research on Labour and Conservative and I have seen some very promising things that will be good for everyone but […]

Do all politicians tell the truth?

Many people thing that when politicians make a promise they will improve what they promised but I think it is all a bunch of lies. Many politicians can not keep these promises which infects the UK. So people will not trust that party any more.

Nigel Farage gets “booed” at the ITV Leaders’ Debate

Nigel Farage gets booed  at the  BBC’ Leaders’ Debate for accusing the BBC of picking a bias audience. Nigel Farage failed to win around the audience in the 17th of April’s televised leader’s debate. The Ukip leader was widely booed when he criticised the studio audience for being too “left-wing”. Mr […]

“I will be there” video

On the news there is this song called i will be there and they swear [promise] that they will be there if you need something. But are they just saying it or are they actually going to fulfill it? But when i saw this video i felt like they were […]