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Grand Theft Auto stole our childhood

Violent video games are often blamed for violence caused by teenagers. They are also blamed for childhood obesity. It is claimed that children spend far too much time in front of their screens playing computer games when they should be outside running around. The problem of violence is a bigger […]

Modi’s Next Move – is India just a pawn?

India’s future lies in Mr Modi’s hands. On the 16th May, Mr Narendra Modi was elected as Prime Minister of India but was this the right move for a country divided by its beliefs? A feud between Muslims and Hindus has carried on for generations and is the cause of […]

Indian Election 2014

India is in a race to pick its new leader – the prime minister of India. In India, the prime minister is elected after every five years. India’s population is 1.2 billion, out of which 81.4 people will cast their vote to elect their new leader. The number of voters […]

Modi for head of Government?

India has been recognised for its large population and fast-growing economy. Now election polls have been opened for the new parliament members of India. From the last of April to the 14 of May, people have had their say in who they want to help rule their country. One of […]

Will Modi cause a new apartheid in India?

Narendra Modi, candidate in the Indian elections, is someone that has divided public opinion in India.  On one side, he is supported by a large number of Hindus in India.  On the other side, the smaller number of Muslims in India fear that their lives are at risk. Modi’s supporters  […]

India – Rich or Humane? Can it be both?

On Friday May 16th the largest election in the whole world will take place. Although China is a larger country it is not democratic and therefore doesn’t have an election. 815 million people can vote in the Indian election and they expect 551 million votes to be cast altogether. 27.1 […]