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Initial Thougts Mitchell Ishmail

I think that is very awful that they are to think to increase the tax to rich people because they worked their hardest and they have to pay more! It is outrageous that they did their best some people and some people did not do anything and they are getting.People […]

Labour Party

Labour has only been in government for four short periods of the 20th century. However its achievements have revolutionised the lives of the British people. The values Labour stands for today are those which have guided it throughout its existence. • social justice • strong community and strong values • […]


Why do MPs earn nearly 3 times more than an average person? They don’t do much, do they make burgers to feed other people? Do they work hard to make buildings? They just fight the election with JUST a speech. Also if they win, they might NOT do what they […]

Vote for General Elections

As a quick interview around our school we asked teachers who they think will win the elections. Surprisingly, the majority voted for the Labour party as they believe liberal democrats and  conservative have been betraying others.But teachers even  said that labour will go on co-elections.

Crampton: The Conservative party

I have done some research and found out what the Conservative party believe in… The Conservative party believe that traditional values should be encouraged to help build strong communities and famalies. They also believe that strict discipline and respect will cut crime and criminals should be treated harshly.  I strongly […]

Crampton: The Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats are different. Unlike the other parties, they are a democratic organisation, where their members decide their policy and elect their leader. Their local parties are independent and work hard in their communities – giving local people a voice and deciding how their neighbourhoods are run. They are working […]

History of Labour party

History of the Labour Party Introduction This history of the Labour Party celebrates our achievements from its emergence in 1900 as a parliamentary pressure group. We are right to regard as historic the establishment of the National Health Service, the enshrining in law of equality of opportunity for all and […]

Poor people’s choices; crime…

Many people are poor, These people usually live on pocket change. Due to this, the less fortunate will turn to crime sometimes. Some believe robbing a jewellery store or a rich house will solve their problems. But it will not. Instead, police will get involved. Here are a few questions for you […]

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher was a bad person she did not care what others thought.She made are own decisions as  she was the prime minister of the U.K. Margaret  Thatcher thought that there was a gap of rich people and poor people. Margaret Thatcher made a wrong decision because  she was making the rich people […]

Vote meanings

The four parties Green House, Labour, Conservatives and the Liberal  Democrats all have different meanings.  If you would like to  vote for Labour it means you would like rich people to pay more for their homing money and everyone else to pay the same amount as usual. If you would pay […]

Why do people steal?

The reason I think people steal is because they are poor. They need money as the gap between rich and poor is stretched and its getting larger and larger by  five years. The reason of that is some politicians protest that people should work really hard to get those wages. Nine years ago […]

Voting situation

The Voting election is on May 7th 2015. Election takes place every 5 years. The Labour and the Conservatives have about the same amount of votes. The Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives have all the power right now. The government has done to little about inequality. Is the gap between […]

What actually happens in the parliament room?

We already know that the MPs in the parliament discuss laws, manifestos and debate about the solutions of the many issues happening right now. BUT, is that the things they really do there? We put all our trust in the politicians to do what we want them to do, but […]