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The rich aren’t responsible for the poor

I don’t think that rich people should be expected to give poor people money to help them pay their energy bills because rich people have worked hard for their money but poor people haven’t.  Everyone has the choice to work hard at school and get a well paid job.  Rich […]

An idea on how to make energy.

My idea is, that some factories can start making a machine that clips on to the machines that makes toys, and whilst they are making toys and producing gas the extension collects the gas and turns it into a small amount of coal, then that piece of coal gets sent […]

Our First Thoughts

At Arnhem Wharf we have enjoyed reading about Energy and Heating. We have thought about a few questions regarding the issue. 1.Where is the profit from the energy companies going? What do they spend it on?How much is the profit? 2.Do energy companies have legal responsibilities to contribute to environmentally-friendly […]

Reply to voices

  I think the rich lady is being a show off and boasting about how much money she has. Instead she could give some of her money to the poor. The poor are probably working hard enough to earn money because they know they will die if they are too […]

Solve this problem together!

I think it is our job and the government’s job to protect the environment because I am pretty sure we will solve this problem if we work together to save energy on this planet. Another idea is that we can make a project were we will convince people to use […]

Rich Lady|Disagree

I disagree with her because all people of all backgrounds have rights and it is spoilt to just think about yourself other than the people around you, we should all be counted as a member of a society and we should all be treated the same and have equality, we […]

Energy sector gone mad!!!

The energy sectors said, ” if we make energy bills cheaper people will use it too much and it will harm the environment. ”  If people use less energy(heating) more people in this country will get cold.  Since motor cars are being very harmful to the environment, battery cars have come but […]

heating opinions

Energy, a source that we waste everyday. But how do we prevent this wastage? Our opinions are that we build houses with good quality insulators. it will take a long time but at least it is permanent fix. Unlike getting a boiler and then wasting money to fix it if […]

Responce on voices

A rich lady who can afford her heating bills… We disagree with her because she said that we should not pay the poor money and if we do not then they will eventually die if we do not do anything however I do agree with some of the things she […]

Respond To The Voices! :`]

Environment! The rich lady who can afford bills. I think the lady should give money to the poor when she has spare money because it`s not nice to see poor people suffer painfully.Futhermore if she was in that situation she would be grateful if they gave spare money to her so I think […]

Look around you!

Look around you, some people cut down trees just to make a building or just to make a conservatory for their houses . If we do not look after this world we will run out of materials to make homes . Here are some ways to look after the environment: […]

Politician Ed Miliband says energy bills should be cut!

Oil has got cheaper, but people’s energy bills still cost the same. Why? On Sunday (January 11th) Ed Miliband, head of the Labour party, said that the government should help to cut people’s energy bills. Watch the first few seconds of this video to see what he thinks. He said […]

The enviroment VS heating our homes?

In my opinoun i think that we all should stop littering thereforth we won’t have any problems about the enviroment.  I think heating our homes is very important because heating our homes is one in a million ways to stay alive. In winter it is acpecily important because it is cold and […]